Decorating like Designers – Luxury Style Tips for Your Contemporary Modern Home

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Have you been watching that show Selling New York, and wishing you had a great modern home like the ones on television? Well, there are some steps you can take to easily and cheaply transform your home in the look and feel of a contemporary modern home.

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The contemporary modern home designers of today make great use of space, while adding coziness and comfort and spicing things up with lasting materials. These are all requirements of today’s luxury modern home buyers. The coziness and warmth of traditional furniture is kept in mind by designers of modern furniture, which keeps the modern home style intact while inviting calm and relaxing peace in the home. Typically, modern home decorating involves using materials such as leather, wood, high quality upholstery, and enhancing the shapes of the furniture by using the proper color scheme. Modern home designers use these methods to create the spectacular living spaces that were once reserved for only luxury modern homes and rich contemporary home enthusiasts.

By selecting the proper furniture and making use of space, you can make decorating your home to appear modern effortless and easy. However, it is important to keep in mind that your furniture should be a mirror image of your lifestyle. If luxury, fashion, and simplicity do not represent who you are, modern furniture and modern home style may not be appropriate for you. While it can be overwhelming to pick the appropriate contemporary furniture for your home, since modern home stores offer a plethora of shapes and colors to choose from, there is inevitably a group of furniture that will simply add elegance and flair to your home decorating plan, and give your home that simple contemporary appearance all at the same time.

Below are five tips that you can use to give your home that beautiful and simple modern style that usually only modern home designers can pull off. Following these steps, you will be able to redesign your home into a luxury modern home in no time:

  • The typical style of modern homes incorporates neutral and clean colors, such as light earth tones and black and white styles. While these colors may seem very basic to the untrained eye, modern home designers have been using simple color schemes to create a feel of luxury and elegance for years. Color can be added to any room by adding colorful paintings and accessories such as a colorful glass vase. Therefore, keep your walls clean and neutral, and keep your furniture color scheme basic and simple. Do not use patterns, and avoid bright, cheap looking colors at all costs. Luxury modern home style is based around simplicity!
  • Modern home style makes use of adequate and appropriate lighting fixtures. While your home may have many windows, lighting the home with natural light is not typical from a modern home perspective. Modern home designers tend to use halogen lamps in their style plan, because of the bright, clean white light. Keep that in mind when choosing a fixture. Also pick lamps and fixtures that are clean and simple, such as brushed nickle fixtures, or even stainless steel. Avoid the typical lamp look, as it is not a good representation of modern home style.
  • Bedrooms that modern home designers come up with are very simple, yet appear very relaxing. Typically, contemporary modern homes have bedrooms with platform beds, simple nightstands, a full length mirror, and a lamp. On rare occasions, a flat screen television can also be added, but it should not be the highlight of the room. Modern bedrooms are meant to draw attention to the bed. While keeping the colors simple and neutral, you can use interesting textured duvets or comforters to draw attention to the bed.
  • Your living room should be arranged to make use of as much space as possible. Arrange your couch and chairs against the walls, and add a glass or quality wooden table to the center of the room. Arranging your furniture in this method will make the room appear larger, and give you the modern home style you are looking for. Your furniture should look elegant, but make use of organic textures and materials, such as leather or canvas. Wooden tables with steel or brushed nickle legs and accents are always a good choice and contemporary home designers always make use of interesting pieces like this.
  • Modern home designers always try to keep one thing in mind: while the home is meant to be simple and clean, it is not meant to look cold. You should try to accent your modern home style with warm colored floors or ceilings, bright paintings, and many accessories. This will keep the luxury modern appearance, but also add an inviting feel to the home.

There you have it! Five simple, yet useful tips that you can use to transform your traditional home into the style of a luxury modern home. Use these tips and you are guaranteed to make a great impression on visitors and relatives, when they arrive and see your fantastic home. They will think you paid a team of modern home designers to create the space, but really, you did it yourself!


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