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Decorating on a Budget

Giving your old, dull space a new life may not seem like an easy thing to accomplish. Assuming that you have a tight budget – the makeover task may seem even harder. We have some good news – all you need is a bit of creativity and smart shopping and you can refresh your living space without too much stress and effort and with the minimum of cash.
Here are five great ideas on how to redecorate your interior on a small budget. They are fun, simple and suitable even for an amateur decorator!

Piling on the Cushions

Decorative cushions can beautify any space without spending much money and make it more inviting and cosy. Pay special attention to your living room sofa, where you, and your guests will spend most of your time.
There are lots of budget-friendly pieces to be found in retail stores nowadays. They may not be of the highest quality but their aesthetic value can be priceless if you pick patterns and colours that compliment the other tones in the room. Try not to be dull and avoid too many similar colours – go complementary for a slightly mismatched look!

If you insist on pricey materials, shop during the big holiday sales only. Also, you can buy throw cushions and pillowcases separately. If you have any talent for sewing, knitting and crocheting, purchase some fabric and create your own, unique pillowcase!

Changing the Layout

If you want to refresh your space, you can do it without spending a cent! Rearranging furniture can be quite an effective way of making your space look brand new. Just a few changes can make a huge difference!
Whenever you become fed up with a room’s layout, experiment a bit, move pieces of furniture around, and see if a different arrangement works better for you. While you’re at it, you can do some general cleaning and decluttering as well.
This is a great opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need. But be careful! Before throwing anything away, make sure you’re not getting rid of you boyfriend’s favourite shirt, or your girlfriend’s high school cheerleader uniform. If you’re living with someone, it’s always better to have them involved in what you’re doing or it can quickly turn into an episode of Survival.
In general, moving furniture away from the wall is a smart thing to do – it makes a room seem larger and more open.

Jazzing-up the Old Furniture

Garage sales are the best way to find affordable and surprisingly preserved pieces of art and furniture. Vases, ceramics, picture frames, coffee tables, jewellery boxes, shelves, chairs… you can find all those for a few dollars a piece.
Some of these items may be in perfect condition, but many will be shabby, drab or damaged. If you can buy them for a fair price, don’t hesitate to do so – it’s a real shame not to buy cute second-hand or retro furniture if you can repair/paint it with ease.
Always assess the item’s potential – imagine it with a new coat of paint or a bit of new fabric. Use striking and bold colours for painting parts of your furniture (for example, the legs of a coffee table) and make it a little less boring!


Buying paintings, vases and other decorations for your desks and walls may be extremely pricey. Luckily, all you need is a bit of imagination, patience and time and you’ll be able to create your own pieces of art without spending loads of money. This way, your decorations will be personalised and you will have fun doing some creative work.
There are plenty of ideas to be found online, but we recommend you use them only as a starting point and inspiration for works that will be unique and reflect your own personality.
The items you’ll surely need are second-hand frames you can paint to give them a new look. Most other supplies can be made at home, using non-toxic and cheap materials – the process of making them is fairly easy. Also, materials for your collages and paintings can be found in nature – pebbles, shells, dried flowers etc.

Painting an Accent Wall

Having one accent wall is an inexpensive way to update your room and add a little drama into the interior. You can use a heap of photos and arrange them on the wall, wallpapers that differ from the rest of the room or simply paint the whole wall in a striking colour.
Painting just one wall in a different shade or colour will certainly add an interesting dimension to the space by creating a bold contrast or just a subtle shift. Also, if you don’t like the dimensions of the room (if it’s too oblong, for instance), it’s possible to alter the room’s appearance and make the walls look a bit closer.
Pick a wall you’ll paint and find the suitable colour for it. Choose a place that your eyes are naturally drawn to or one that has features you would like to highlight (fireplace, paintings, accessories, bookshelves, headboard in the bedroom and so on).

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