Decorations for Redneck Wedding Receptions

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Trying to find decorations for redneck wedding receptions? Well, because of the subject matter, it’s tough to find many commercially available products with a redneck theme. However, with a bit of creativity you can easily come up with your own decorations that will really make the party. In this article I’ll highlight a few ideas for you to get you started on your planning.

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Here are some of my favorite redneck ideas:

  • Mason Jars – Mason jars are great for drinking beer, wine, liquor or the groom’s homemade moonshine and they definitely look redneck! You can purchase them fairly inexpensively from a canning supply store or somewhere similar to that.
  • Tractors – Tractors are awesome, so use them as much as you can. Have a big John Deere as the backdrop for the ceremony and then ride it to the reception! You really can’t go wrong so long as there is a tractor involved. They can pull a LOT of cans behind them too, no problem.
  • BBQ – Obviously this will be the menu, so vegetarians are probably out of luck. Ribs, Corn on the cob, home fries, baked beans, ‘slaw, all the home cooking classics. If you really want to go crazy have a pig roast.
  • Hay Bales – No need to rent chairs for the reception when there are so many perfectly good hay bales around.
  • Shotgun wedding – Whether you actually qualify for this or not, the bride’s father could carry around a nice double-barrel all evening.
  • Camouflage – This is a must. Work it in as much as you can. From as little as the handkerchiefs and corsages to full camo outfits for the bridal party. Just be sure they don’t blend in too well though or pictures won’t turn out very well.
  • Denim – Tux? What Tux? Denim is the name of the game here guys. Do it up right.
  • Music – Ever seen Deliverance? Yeah, it’s disturbing. But it has Banjos! Need I say more? Odds are someone’s uncle will play if you are truly a redneck. If you can get more than one to duel each other all night so much the better.

These were just a few ideas to get you started. Redneck weddings can really be a blast if you’re not shy and do it the right way. Hopefully I’ve given you many more ideas for decorations for redneck wedding receptions!

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Decorations for Redneck Wedding Receptions, Seekyt
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