News Decorative Light Fittings with Minka Lavery

Decorative Light Fittings with Minka Lavery


Lighting is usually the most ignored aspects of interior designing. However, one should remember that even if the house looks amazingly gorgeous, it will not be appreciated to its full extent if the light there is not sufficient. Not only the lighting in the house affects the mood of the inhabitants, but it also helps decorate the house, all while providing the functional benefits of illumination.

Though it is crucial that there are enough windows in the room to let the natural light flow, but it is actually the perfect combination of using various fittings like chandeliers, pendants, table lamps, sconces and flush mounts, that creates the right ambience in the house. The extensive collections of Minka Lavery will ensure that you have a fitting to serve your every illumination need. Minka Lavery is one of the most popular brands in the field of decorative lighting and their products is an example of outstanding craftsmanship and exceptional quality.

How to Select Lighting for Your House

To achieve the perfect lighting scheme in any room, it is important that you get the right combination of practical functionality and aesthetically appealing decor. By mounting right fittings at the right places, you can change the feel, create an illusion of space and also add color to any room. Here are some lighting tips to help you get that perfect blend of practical and gorgeous illumination:

1. Placing an exquisite Minka Lavery chandelier or installing an interesting pendant lamp in your lobby can create a warm impression and add inviting appeal to the house.

2. Always install a mix of recessed lights, chandeliers, wall mounts and lamps in your living room to enable you to alter the ambience of the room according to the occasion and time.

3. Add some picture lights or lamps around a beautiful painting or artwork in your living room.

4. Minka Lavery pendent lights along with some wall mounts in the kitchen area will provide enough illumination essential for preparing meals, etc.

5. Make sure there is enough light in the bathroom and mount a combination of decorative and functional light fittings in the area.

6. Kids fear the dark and need some light even while sleeping, therefore you should install night lights in kid’s room to help them battle their fear of the dark and also to help you check on them without switching on additional lights.

7. Bedroom lighting scheme requires a combination of warm lights, reading lamps and wardrobe lightings to achieve proper functionality.

8. Outdoor lighting is often the most ignored, yet a very important part of the lighting scheme, so install lights from Minka Lavery’s outdoor range to illuminate outer walls, driveways and garden area.

By selecting the right Minka Lavery fittings, you can create the perfect ambience for your every room and make your house look gorgeous and inviting!

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Decorative Light Fittings with Minka Lavery
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