Deep Breathing Exercises

Is it Possible to use deep breathing exercises to stay in shape? We’ve all heard that if you exercise to keep in shape and stay healthy you will have no worries. Now, I am hearing other things like you can get the same benefits just by practicing deep breathing. It seems that we are not breathing right and that can cause it’s own health problems.

The truth is most of us are shallow breathers. When ever you breath correctly, you fill your lungs with air and also move your diaphragm, which makes it go up and down causing your stomach to go in and out. All of this allows the lungs to expand to it’s capacity. Deep breathing makes everything in it’s path work the way it should!

Lay on your back and place your hands on your stomach. Now take a deep breath or just suck in the air through your mouth or nose, which ever is easier for you. As you suck in the air, your stomach will push out. If it isn’t doing this, then you need to breath more deeply. As you exhale, make sure that your stomach comes back in. You will know when you do it right because you can feel the difference. If feels clean and like your whole body is being cleansed after a few deep breaths.

Here’s a good video on the proper way to breathe.

As you do deep breathing exercises, it will bring oxygen to your lungs. The blood then carries it to your heart. Are you aware that oxygen feeds our bodies and we need to use it properly to stay in shape and just survive! If you take a few minutes each day it will fuel your body and make it healthier and more powerful. This doesn’t mean we don’t have to do physical exercise because we need both in our lives to keep ourselves fit.

If you don’t know where to start, check Amazon where you can find soothing music and stress management on MP3’s. Yoga is a great way to start leaning proper breathing also. It strengthens your core and stretches your whole body. Deep breathing exercises will make a difference, just try it.