News Deep Cycle Batteries Can Help Your Marine Vehicle Stay...

Deep Cycle Batteries Can Help Your Marine Vehicle Stay Safe


When maintaining a marine vehicle, there’s a lot to think about. Every boat or vehicle has a ton of different parts, and it’s crucially important to think about every single one of them as time goes on in order to make sure no unexpected problems crop up at crucially important times. When a person looks over their marine vehicle, there are certain things they always look at – for example, it is common to take excellent care of the motor as well as poles, reels, and other gear. However, people think less often about one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in their vehicle – the onboard battery. Whether you are out for a quick sail, spending a whole day on the lake, or sightseeing via wilderness houseboat, batteries are critical safety gear. Making the right choice when buying a battery will eliminate worries and risks when you are on the water.

Typically, boats contain two types of batteries: the cranking battery designed to start the main engine, and the deep cycle battery. A marine battery is often a combination of both types of power source, but it is important to understand the difference between these and true deep cycle batteries. Deep cycle batteries typically power on-board electrical components such as trolling motors, GPS and radios. Therefore, the most vital safety equipment will depend upon this type of battery. A true deep cycle battery uses energy at a much slower rate than a traditional battery, but is designed to almost fully discharge during use. Rather than staying at the midpoint of their capacity, they go from highs to deep lows, while still needing to provide a reliable source of power.

Deep Cycle Batteries Can Help Your Marine Vehicle Stay Safe

The result is a marine battery with thicker lead plates that can withstand the deep cycling. Deep-cycle batteries must also endure the rigors of hundreds of discharge/recharge cycles. Despite the taxing way in which they are used, deep cycle batteries power crucial life and safety components. As a result, using a high-quality product is paramount. Canadian manufacturers like Canadian Energy make especially durable marine batteries given their experience with rugged environments and freezing conditions. (To learn more about Canadian weather conditions and durability, you can visit the Canadian Energy website.) Usually, the colder it gets the more easily a marine battery can discharge, but a deep cycle battery designed for tough conditions will provide reliability season after season. In addition, by using a lead acid battery, you are using one of the most green products in the world. Each one is almost fully recycled at the end of its lifespan, resulting in an extremely efficient power source with almost no net effect on natural resources.

Another crucial component is a simple charger, which will conserve the life of your battery to the fullest. In temperate areas with winter seasons, caring for the power source while out of use is critical to maintaining life expectancy. Purchasing a regulated charger to maintain charge during storage will protect your investment by preventing hardening and cracking. Here again, buying a hard-wearing charger is crucial and thought should be given to buying one from a manufacturer with experience in cold weather conditions.

Deep Cycle Batteries Can Help Your Marine Vehicle Stay Safe
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