Defeat Cancer – Interviews With Integrative Doctors

Not all doctors believe all cancer patients should immediately begin chemotherapy and radiation without exploring others options. The truth is a growing number of people have healed themselves of with so-called ‘alternative treatments.’

Yes, many of these therapies have not stood up to mainstream scientific scrutiny, which would require peer-reviewed, double blind studies. But many patients don’t have the time to wait until these are conducted.

Meanwhile, a number of specialists known as ‘integrative oncologists’ are forging ahead, treating malignancies with a combination of conventional and alternative treatments. Connie Strasheim, the author of Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Integrative & Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How, brings the knowledge of these physicians to light.

Included in this book are short introductory articles written by Dr. Richard Linchitz, MD and Dr. Robert Rowan, MD.

Dr. Linchitz, who once battled lung cancer, explains the limitations of conventional medical studies. First, their very publication is subject to approval from pharmaceutical firms, he notes.

Anything other than large pharmaceutical trials, he writes, are largely ignored, and outright dismissed as ‘anecdotal evidence.’

Dr. Rowan explains that even stage IV cancer does not necessarily have to be a ‘death sentence.’ He describes the case of an elderly Indian man who came to see him for help with an advanced malignancy that had invaded much of his abdomen. So weak he could barely walk, the man recovered to the extent he could return to work three months later.

Defeat Cancer interviews famous and not-so-famous integrative oncologists, including Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD, who pioneered what is known as anti-neoplaston therapy, which switches off tumor growth. The chapter on Dr. Burzynski also discusses general information on regaining your health, including detoxification, along with diet and supplement recommendations.

The 444-page book is packed with information from the other doctors on other therapies, including pancreatic enzymes, IV Vitamin C treatment, DMSO, bio-oxidative therapies, balancing one’s pH level, Poly-MVA, healing negative emotions and much more.

Disclaimer: This information is for discussion purposes only. People with health concerns should discuss them with a physician. The author assumes no responsibility for treatment decisions or outcomes.