Defend Yourself with a Laptop Shield

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Laptop shield: do you have one? If the first thing that you’re thinking is, “what’s that?” you’re not the only one. Many people, when confronted with the topic of laptop shields, ask the basic questions: what, why, and how? What is a laptop shield? It protects the laptop user from computer radiation. Why use one? It protects you from the potentially harmful effects of radiation. How does it work? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

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In order to understand why laptop shields exist at all, it’s necessary to know a few basic facts about EMFs. EMFs, or, electromagnetic fields, are invisible emissions emanated from electronic devices in the form of waves. As you can probably guess from the name, EMFs are composed of both electric and magnetic energy. In short, EMFs are forms of radiation, and all radiation falls on the electromagnetic spectrum.

The electromagnetic spectrum organizes radiation from low to high frequency. The low frequency category includes radiation from radio towers, computers, cell phones, and microwaves. These are classified as non-ionizing radiation and pose health concerns, yet are often overlooked. Better known is the type of radiation that can cause a great deal of damage to our bodies—and this type falls in the high frequency category. High frequency radiation is classified as ionizing and includes ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays. So where do laptop shields come back into the conversation?

Common knowledge states that the ionizing radiation is harmful and causes any number of health issues: reproductive, biological, and neurological problems. This is why we wear lead vests during x-rays and wear UV protective sunglasses and sunscreen. The concept of laptop shields developed due to the growing body of evidence that even non-ionizing radiation causes health problems. This growing concern is fuelled because our society is hooked on electronic devices—laptops and included. How can we protect ourselves from this potentially damaging radiation? Laptop shields were created for this very reason.

Laptop shields are devices specifically designed to block, deflect, and absorb radiation emitted from laptops. From out of all the many radiation shields around today, laptop shields have to be one of the most popular safety devices. How do they work? A radiation shield can be crafted from a combination of metals, foam, fabric or some similar material. Some types of shields even incorporate an EMF-blocking paint or ink. The material itself can be woven, like how fabric is, tightly enough so that EMF radiation waves cannot pass through it.

A shield is one of the easiest safety devices you can ever use. All you do is set your laptop on it and you are protected from any emitted radiation. It’s important to not mistake a laptop shield for a regular laptop tray, cooling desk, or table as these will not protect you from radiation.

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