Defending Esther Hicks With What My Uncle Leslie Shoveled Out Of His Barn

Jerry Hicks Died

It’s seems the reason he didn’t follow Abraham’s advice to instant recovery was to avoid their being exposed as nonsense. For the better part of a year, the brains behind the Abraham-Hicks website couldn’t bring them to admit he was dead, physically anyway. Spiritually, Esther Hicks claimed to have resurrected Jerry almost immediately.

This has not deterred the missionaries from writing illiterate rampages or, essentially, tossing what my Uncle Leslie used to shovel out of his barn at skeptics.

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Defending Esther Hicks

An angry defender of Esther Hicks launched a barbed attack on one of my articles yesterday. The article, if you’d like to see it, is, Does Jerry Hicks Cancer Mean The Death of Abraham Hicks?

You won’t find her comments there because she strayed like a punch drunk fighter far from the subject. To use the phrasing of Abraham-Hicks Forum content warden, David Gordon, it was ‘off topic.’

Her comment was written, instead, about and to me, sort of a rant really, condemning my actions as a writer. It never got anywhere near the neighborhood of the subject at hand. I guess I should’ve been flattered, but the delete button was too handy to ignore. So, I didn’t.

I’m a fair guy, though, even if the character assassin says I’m not, and just to prove it, I’m going to publish every single word, including those that only try to be words, here. None of the condemnation will be left out, and I will seriously answer every charge, with the caveat that I can only do so when I understand it, which is no easy thing in this case.

Here is the full text of her comment, as posted, with my responses in italics. I emphasize ‘as posted’ because I want the world to know that the various misspellings as well as the butchering of syntax and of grammar aren’t mine. They’re the assassin’s.

Up Steps The Defense For Esther Hicks, Or The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

‘Meredith and Maureen,’ she began.

(The assassin is addressing two earlier posts I deleted because they too, were ‘off topic.’ One’s penetrating jab was ‘I don’t think you have anything better to do.’ Enlightening, eh?)

‘Kudos for stepping up and voicing your opinion. I agree that criticizing is easy. It is harder to come up with a solution or take responsibility for your own actions.’

(A debatable point. Was she insulting me indirectly? Maybe.)

‘Dave states his blogs are not about the money the Hicks’ earn, but he is inconsistent, for one he mentions money in several of the blogs and allows his cult followers (i.e. Clarity) to bring the money they earn up and not snap at them like he does those who have differing view points from his.’

(Good thing the editor I deal with on hard copy never got a whiff of this sentence. It’s structure alone would have put him in a tizzy. We have three slams crumpled up in one hopelessly inept sentence. Writer’s tip to assassin: more effective if you sort them out. Clustered, like this, they come out like gruel. 1) Making references to money does not make an article or lens about the money any more than a squirrel running across a baseball field makes the game about wildlife. 2) If I have cult followers and Clarity is the only one, I wish she’d stop being such a loose cannon and begin tithing immediately. 3) I ‘snap’ at people? Maybe late in the evening, when I’ve gained wine and lost patience. Normally, I blurt.)

‘Dave claims to be open minded and fair in his reporting, but he and his cult followers don’t feel they need to substantiate their claims.’

(No, I didn’t, and no, I’m not. Who’s reporting? I comment. I’m biased in favor of my own convictions. The non sequitor that follows her (excuse me) ‘but’ suggests that the assassin has not really read the ‘mountain of evidence,’ as prosecutors say, that has been presented. What’s the point of making a claim, if you can’t have some fun substantiating it? Maybe one or more of my cult followers would like to comment themselves. With my permission.)

‘They attack the Hicks’ for victimizing others, but you see them turn around and use victimizing type tactics on those who don’t agree with their views.’

(Uh-oh, I smell a claim without any evidence again…)

‘Another tactic they use taking small parts of quotes and posting them without linking to the original source so that others can’t see them in context to the actual question and event.’

(Oh, jeez, she’s right. We should not be using the daily quotes that Abraham Hicks blasts by email every day, including the date and location, exactly as received. Our bad.)

‘Dave and his cult followers at times mention plagerising, but they aren’t free of guilt on this either. The photo images they are using are likely a form of this offense. Did they actually obtain permission from the artist/owner before using or did they just freely take.’

(I can’t speak for my cult followers, but all of my images were either sent to me by friends or freely available on the web. There’s one I really like, by the way, that I’ve never used before. It’s a picture of Jerry Hicks with Esther Hicks and Abraham Hicks on either side. It’s hilarious.)

I wonder if Dave would be so complacient if someone took his wife’s art/photos and freely posted on their websites without giving credit to the actual photographer/artist. Hmmmm… lot’s of double standards.

(I think people who take other people’s creative work from the Internet without compensation are stealing from the artist. Publicity photos are another story. The photo I mentioned comes from Rational Wiki, a website that takes a dim view of Esther Hicks and her claims.

‘I know Dave you and your cult followers are going to attack me as well. Go for it.’

(Sure thing!)

I look forward to more of your closed minded blabbering attacks and failure to state your actual reason for being hurt by the Hicks’ and failure to take personal responsibility for your life and behavior.’

(Whoa! This is another one of those sentences, and I don’t think the writer is really sincere. Anyway, 1) ‘closed minded blabbering attacks’ are, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. See them as you like. 2) I have never been hurt by the ‘Hicks” in any way; so I can’t give you a reason for it. And 3) I’m lost on the ‘failure to take personal responsibility’ and blah, blah, blah thing. How would you know? Have you been talking to my ex-wife?)

‘As for the medical. Jerry has his right to privacy, just as you would should you choose to be private. Esther as his wife and caregiver isn’t having an easy time, whether you would like to believe it or not.’

(Makes sense to me. He gave up his right to privacy when he went public with that thoroughly strange fairy tale about his illness. Heavy chemotherapy for a spider bite, anyone? Now, you want him to have it back. Easy to understand after the debacle Esther Hicks and the team made of it.)

‘Folks, people don’t turn on friends as Ahnalira did either. Tit for tat is that what she is doing?’

(Seems like a lot of tit for very little tat, from where I’m sitting.)

‘Oh wel!l I spoke my mind. I don’t expect any of Dave or his cult to change their views.

‘My main purpose is to ask those who truely care about Jerry and Esther whether you are a follower or not, to no longer post any further comments on Dave’s, Clarity’s, CosmicConnie, or Kyra Speaks blogs, lens or websites. Instead,create your own sites, lens or blog or go to existing ones that are open to compassionate and factual discussion and not heresay. Write or email you good wishes and thoughts to Jerry and Esther. Don’t expect them to respond, the amount of email/mail they receive is already high, but know they will appreciate your good thoughts and cheer as they go into this Holiday period.’

(Scratching my head, wondering why I thought this wasn’t pertinent. Hm… Again, apologies for the misspellings. I honestly don’t know if the assassin meant hearsay or heresy when she wrote ‘heresay.’)

‘God Bless All Of You! I wish you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year!’


So, ends the splurge of attempted character assassination.

…With What My Uncle Leslie Shoveled Out Of His Barn

My Uncle Leslie was a terrific guy, a hard working diary farmer all his life. And he was funny when he wanted to be, too. I still appreciate the summers I worked on his farm and the many memories I’ve been able to keep.

Anyway, one of my chores was to shovel the trough that was set in concrete behind the Holsteins. We carted it out to a spreader. The good thing about that waste was that you could use it to fertilize acres of land, but the smell would last for days and extend far beyond the fields where it was distributed.

The problem with internet waste is that you get too little of the former and too much of the latter.

The writer’s purpose in defending Esther Hicks? A long, arduous comment to suggest everybody else stop commenting? What’s that I smell?