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Dehradun Girls' Boarding Schools Provide Various Benefits

Some of the most popular international girl’s boarding schools in India are located at Dehradun, the capital of Uttrakhand. These international girls’ schools are renowned for their luxuriant green university grounds that are bordered by mountains and valleys. To look for reputed residential schools in the city, all you need to do is search on the Internet about schools and make a list of top five or 10. After that, explore their sites, call them and ask about fees, facilities or whatever you want, and then make your decision.

Benefits of A Boarding School For your Daughter

Qualified and Experienced Teachers: Most boarding schools in Dehradun hire teachers who are not only qualified, but have also years of experience in their specialized subject. Teachers love to teach rather than teach for the sake of their profession. Besides, there are no disciplinary issues in a girl’s boarding and so teachers can focus on what they love to.

Small Classes: In a boarding school, the number of students in a class is limited and hence, each student gets better attention from the teacher. On the other hand in public schools, this number can be anything between 50 and 100 and teachers spend their most of the time managing the students rather teaching them.

Sports Facilities: Some of the best boarding schools in the city provide a lot of sport facilities unlike many public schools. Starting from hockey, basketball to squash or cricket, these provide facilities for all students. Besides, these schools have swimming pools and gyms as well.

Cultural facilities: These schools offer arts, dance, music and many other cultural programmes. If your child has a natural talent, then boarding schools nurture him or her in a professional way, so that he or she can develop this art.

Long-Lasting Friendship: As kids grow up together in boarding schools, so lasting friendships are made, which is a huge benefit as well. In addition, friends become family, so they ultimately learn to care about them as well as help them in need.

The fees in top girls’ boarding schools in India can be high, and the fees consist of education, library, entertainment, boarding, accommodation, maintenance, uniform, stationery fees and laundry. These days there are different kinds of boarding schools in India, but the most important question always remains the same that which school is the best one. Therefore, it is advisable to make a great research about the schools. As there are different schools, but you need to decide on the academy that offers safety, health as well as overall quality education to children.

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