Delightful Lighting from House of Troy

House of Troy was founded as a lamp making outfit in 1947 by Everett Bailey in Montreal, Canada. In its initial years, the firm sold its fixtures to stores around the city. Today, the company is based in Vermont and continues to design and craft its entire range in-house. Now owned by Framburg Lighting group, House of Troy is part of a trio of specialty lighting brands, with Arroyo Craftsman and Framburg being the other two.

Picture Lights

Picture lamps need to throw even light and have reduced glare to effectively illuminate paintings. The light should be soft but bright enough to show the features of the painting clearly. The best picture lamps are completely unobtrusive in appearance so that all attention goes to the picture being illuminated. House of Troy has the one of the widest ranges of picture lights, of varying sizes and capacity. The fixtures are popular not just with homebuyers but art galleries and museums too. The lights come in custom finishes like polished brass, mahogany bronze, satin brass and antique brass. The lamps used include LEDs which are compact and offer a range of light outputs and halogen lights which offer a soft glow for focusing on pictures. The picture lamps come as small as 5 inches, suitable to light miniatures and go all the way up to 30 inches in length for murals. The Slim range of picture lights almost disappear in the background because of its minimalistic design. Gemini lamps provide directional lighting. Eyeball and Mini-Candelabra are compact mounted spot lights.

Desk and Piano Lamps

House of Troy offers desk and piano lamps in both contemporary and revival styles. The banker’s lamps with a distinctive emerald shade and pull chain switch are also very popular with buyers looking for a touch of 1920s America in their decor. Piano lamps offer illumination for easy reading, either as clip-on’s or with built-in stands. The table lamps offer innovative color schemes with a variety of customization options. The popular ranges of table lamps from the outfit are Marquis Collection, Newport, Scatchard and Vergennes Collection. Piano lamps are available in several options such as wired, battery powered, fixed and adjustable. New models use LED lighting which produce excellent illumination and have a longer working life. Banker’s lamps have a solid base and a distinctive green covering shade. They can be adjusted for better illumination and also have a pull chain to turn the light on and off. The range of desk lamps is wide and covers a variety of designs. These include Balance Arm, Classic, Generation, Pharmacy and Shelburne. The finish can be chosen from a variety of model-specific options.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are great options for decorative lighting. House of Troy Floor Lamps are designed to add elegance to the decor scheme. Buyers can look at stylish models like Addison, Cambridge, Coach, Generation, Pinnacle and Tripod Collection. These models are all adjustable for height. Swing arm lamps are also on offer, where the lamp source can be moved comfortably by users. Models use incandescent lamps while LED fixtures are also available. is a leading ecommerce store specializing in high quality handmade and rustic style lighting fixtures, including chandeliers, sconces, ceiling fans, floor and table lamps, onion light, and picture lights from leading brands such as Minka Lavery, Casablanca, Troy Lighting, the Modern Fan Company, etc.