Deluxe Sock Monkey Kits: What Makes Them Fascinating?

Deluxe Sock Monkey Kits

Toy making such as crafting deluxe sock monkey kits are gaining popularity today. History notes that traditional sock monkeys are crafted from typical socks which are stuffed to form a monkey’s body parts. Afterwards, these pieces are sewn together forming a stuffed toy. Basically, this concept is adopted in today’s sock monkey making. However, sock monkey kits are sold containing all necessary materials, for more convenience. Furthermore, through these kits, one may now easily create a cute, well-crafted stuffed monkey. The beauty of these kits is that it is sold in various types. One in particular is the deluxe kit. What is the difference of deluxe kits from its counterparts?

Product description of deluxe sock monkey kits

In comparison to its counterparts, deluxe sock monkey kits contain pre-sewn components. You don’t have to undergo stuffing procedures manually. The only thing you need to do is to assemble the parts and it’s done. This makes creating sock monkeys simple, convenient and fun.

The beauty of these kits is that it can be done by children. But, necessary precautions should be applied. Aside from that, these materials have passed safety and quality tests performed by the manufacturers. As a rule of thumb, only purchase these products from reputable manufacturers. This is because there are companies that sell these kits made from materials that are unsafe for your health such as synthetic materials like plastic.

Necessary precautions

As mentioned earlier, the deluxe sock monkey kits are best for children since it is already pre-sewn. Thus, it is necessary for parents and guardians to be diligent and attentive whenever children are sewing the monkey’s body parts. As much as possible, especially in homeroom and arts classes, facilitators must not leave their students unattended since they will be using scissors and needles. It is also advised that sewing machines is not an option to be considered especially for kids. As for mothers, if you have a toddler, it is best that you assemble these sock monkeys when they are asleep or in an area where they are restricted to enter. This will avoid accidents concerning sharp objects.

In sewing each monkey part, keep in mind to sew them efficiently. If there are any loose ends, redo the stitches before playing with it. Lastly, in regards to washing it, check the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations. Some materials are easily destroyed if you use washing machines. Thus, hand washing it is your best cleaning option.


Aside deluxe kits, there are other types of sock money kits you can choose from. It is a good way to expound both you and your child’s artistic side. In addition to that, it can also be a great past time.
You can purchase a deluxe kit for an estimated price of $26. If you are in a tight budget, you can opt for standard sock monkey kits. This can be an option provided that it will be created by you. Nonetheless, if you are concerned with your kid’s safety and convenience, you might as well go for deluxe sock monkey kits for just a couple of dollars more compared to standard kits.