Denial of Service, Phishing, and How to Destroy Other Sites

Have you ever tried to log onto a Site and for some reason you couldn’t? You might have checked your URL to be certain it was correct, you may have wondered if you were still connected to the Internet. You might have gotten one of those messages which makes you believe the Site no longer exists, or that something is wrong with it.

You may have gotten an Email from the Site; or you think it is from the Site, telling you to click and enter your user name and password.

If you did so, you have now experienced what is called Phishing, and everything on that site, from your paypal name to your address, and whatever else you put on the site belongs to the Phishers.

A Denial of Service happens when a Server is overwhelmed by demand. This doesn’t usually happen save in the most dire of circumstances; such as BBC and CNN being overwhelmed on 9/11. A writing site should never be overwhelmed as how many people need to log on at the exact time?

What causes this Denial of Service is a ‘Bot set off by a Troll which jams every single connection to prevent anyone from logging on. It is done to discourage users, and harm the site.

Currently, there seems to be a Predatory Writing Site which has decided to go after ‘competitors’. Those of you who write, or attempt to write for Expertscolumn know what I’m talking about. Often, you can’t get on, often you get some weird email advising you that you haven’t posted since April 16th, and once you click at the point they direct, you are asked for you username and password.


It is clear that a DoS attack has been launched on that site along with various attempts to harm the users.

Let us take their example as a very real threat and be alert in case this site is hit by a Denial of Service, followed by Emails and requests for our user name and password.

Some sites can’t take competition, can’t compete in a friendly atmosphere. They have to destroy other sites, chase their users, and cause them loss.

If you can’t get on; the First Thing to Think; Denial of Service.