Dental care for dogs

There are many products available in the area of dental care for pets, such as dogs. Dental rinses, dog treats to help with gum health and remove tartar, and dog toothbrushes as well as dog toothpaste.

Dogs can have infections, tooth loss and gum disease too just like adults. Here are some features to consider when buying a dog toothbrush for your pet:

– the comfort of the handle

– the size relative to your dog

– you want a tootbrush that’s safe and effective

– a comfortable tooth brush that the dog will feel at ease

For dental toothbrushes, visit this website: They have pet toothbrushes from brands such as: Four Paws battery operated toothbrush, Four Paws pet dental finger toothbrushes for dogs and cats; Sergeant’s Petrodex Tooth Hugger Pet Dental toothbrush; C.E.T dual ended and pet toothbrushes.

For larger dogs, finger cot brushes work best. You should brush every day or every other day. Be gentle and ease in to brushing their teeth. Be careful not to get bit and make it fun for your dog. Praise your dog for good behavior. Start slow – you don’t need to brush all their teeth on the first day. Eventually your dog will get more use to it.

For dog toothpaste, check at your local pet store or online. One website that sells petcare products is: They sell C.E.T. enzymatic toothpaste, dental rinse, oral hygiene kits, finger toothbrushes, oral cleansing solution and more.

There are dental treats you can buy as well for your dog’s dental health. Greenies, C.E.T., Iams and Dogwell brands all have dental treats you can buy. Check at a local pet store, or online.