Dental Flyer Designing Tips for Dentists

For most dentists, dental flyers are an essential part of the marketing mix. This is not surprising seeing as they are cheap to create and can be effective when used appropriately. What we recommend is that you should have more than one flyer design or concept.
For instance, have one or two basic flyer designs that outline your services and a few others that will have special offers that you can send out once or twice a month. It is not just enough to have one flyer do everything.
Mix things up; get an excellent designer to design your flyers. And if you want to do it yourself, borrow ideas from some of the many dental flyers design templates out there, learn how to use Photoshop and you’re good. That said your designs must have some basic elements to work.
What Dental Flyer Designs are Best for Dentists?
Reserved and Subtle but Powerful
Honestly, there’s no hard and fast rule about how flyers should look. The most important thing is the result you get. In our experience we have observed that the best flyers often have pictures of people –particularly girls- with great smiles, benefit driven and simple bullet points, a call to action at the end and highlighted headlines and action points.
The rest is pretty easy. Flashy designs such as those used for clubs don’t usually cut it with new patients. However, designs that look professional and subtle but powerful always get fantastic results because your patients trust them more and tend to see your practice as credible.
Use Stellar Attractive Photos of Ordinary People
Models often seem farfetched and unrealistic. But an ordinary person with a great smile and perfect white teeth does wonders for your practice than using a model. People relate more to the ordinary individual. And since you’ll be attending to mostly ordinary people, it makes sense to use something they can identify with.
Create Unique and Special Offers
Everyone loves a good bargain, and when that bargain helps them look even better, it’s a deal they don’t want to miss out on. You could put an extra incentive for those who get your flyer. For instance, those with the flyers can come in for a free dental consultation and if they decide to whiten their teeth, they get 30% discount.
So, something along the lines of “call 1-800-123-4567 or walk into our offices today at XYZ building with this flyer to claim your FREE consultation –usually $200- and 30% discount on all teeth whitening procedures. Offer available for just 20 people”.
The last sentence should be highlighted in yellow and the text in red. This immediately jumps out at them. This not only creates the scarcity effect, but it kind of compels the new clients to check out the offer immediately.
Excellent Copy Always Wins
It’s not just enough to have a good looking dental flyer with smiles and stunning white teeth, you should also create a compelling ad copy for the flyer. For instance, most dentists typically use statements like “our customer satisfaction is great and our offices are welcoming” in their flyers.
Guess what, every dentist makes that claim. How about using a different approach that particularly highlights your strengths and skills? For instance, your copy could say “We are the Only Cosmetic Dentist Practice in Ontario that Guarantees XYZ results in 2 Weeks or Less!”.
Do you see the huge difference? The latter is more compelling and specific than the first and is actually likely to make the new client check out your practice. Just make sure you can back up your claims and you’ll be fine.
Results Over Services
You have two options here: either sell your patients on your results or use the opportunity to show off your medical license. Guess which the patients are more interested in: yes, the results. They don’t care how smart or learned you are. Okay they do… a little.
But they are more interested in what you can do for them and the results that you can deliver. Remember that most important thing about your practice is creating great smiles for everyone. Stick to that in your ad copy.
Tell them in simple terms what they stand to benefit from your cosmetic dentistry procedures than the technicalities involved. Something as simple as “get the stunning smile you’ve always wanted in as little as 4 weeks” gets more results than “our cosmetic procedures are world class and the best in Windsor”.
You can get great results from your dental flyers if your designs and copy are both excellent. Just make sure to find the right mix, avoid making unrealistic and outlandish promises and keep it simple. This always works better than any other thing. Good luck and all the best.