Dental Implants Will Complete Your Smile

Your teeth go through much wear and tear during a lifetime. In some cases, this comes from less than stellar cleaning of the teeth. In other cases, excessive alcohol, as well as tobacco use can cause tooth loss and your teeth can get stained through years of coffee and tea drinking and tobacco use. Most of the time, however, aging is the main cause of tooth loss.

It’s also easy to loose teeth in an accident from sporting events or other unexpected accidents. When this happens, dentists will often use a bridge or dentures to replace the broken or missing teeth. However, more and more dentists are using dental implants because other teeth don’t have to be destroyed in order to place the bridge and it looks and feels more natural. It also better replicates normal tooth function.

Dental implants use a titanium post that takes the place of the natural root of the tooth. It is implanted into the gum and jaw bone, which then, after some time, grows around the new post. Titanium is used because of its superior strength, and its ability to naturally bind with gums and teeth. Once the new post is properly implanted, an artificial tooth is placed over the post. Implants are much stronger than bridges or caps, and require the same normal maintenance as regular teeth. You just need to brush and floss your teeth as you usually would. It takes away the anxiety that a person may have with false teeth, because the implant is treated and acts just like a real tooth.

There are many reasons that will compel you to get the more natural looking dental implants. For instance, if you already have a tooth missing and you’re using a partial denture, an implant can be a natural looking replacement. Chewing food is usually easier for patients with implants than those with bridges. Since the implants look more natural, patients tend to prefer the look. It doesn’t have the same false feel of dentures, which is a common complaint of patients with dentures. Dentures can also irritation and bleeding of the gums, particularly if they aren’t correctly fitted. Another cause of the irritation with dentures is the fact that your gums shrink anytime you lose teeth. Since dental implants are placed in the gums, and they are made specifically for your mouth, they tend to be much more comfortable than dentures. While dentures may be more affordable on the front end, you’ll really pay more over the life of the product than you would with implants. Also, if you’ve only lost one tooth due to accident or periodontal disease, an implant will not affect the natural look of your other teeth.

Your dentist can give proper instruction regarding the aftercare of a dental implant. You may find your mouth to be tender in the first few days after surgery, so properly clean the area, without irritating the tender spots. You’ll find the implants give you a natural, brighter smile. Inquire with your dentist if dental implants are the best solution for you. It is definitely the longest lasting one.

Replacing missing teeth can be a big confidence boost. Go visit a local dentist, like Carlin Dental, today.