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Depression (1997) by Constance L. Hammen is a part of a Clinical Psychology: A Modular Course series which can also be read as a stand-alone text. The book is intended for students and professionals seeking research-based information on depression, but the research is presented in a way understandable by those who are not experts in the field, as well.

Chapters in this book cover clinical and diagnostic information about depression and give an account of the course of depression and the demographic features of the disorder.

Contents of the Book

Chapter 1 – Defining and diagnosing depression

The first chapter explains the phenomenology of depressive experiences, talks about causes of depression (a topic present in all chapters) and explains the diagnosis of depression.

Chapter 2 – Course and consequences of depression

The second chapter describes the course of depression including topics based on extensive impairment associated with depression (impaired functioning) and consequences of depression.

Chapter 3 – Who is affected by depression?

The third chapter talks about the prevalence of depression, connection between age and this disease, and differences based on gender (it explains why women and young people are more affected by the disease than men).

Chapter 4 – Biological aspects of depression

Biological aspects of depression presented in this book include: genetic research in the field, neurotransmitters in association with depression, neuroendocrine functioning, brain structure and brain function, the role of female hormones, depression subtypes, and different conteptual issues in the biology of depressive disorders.

Chapter 5 – Cognitive and life stress approaches to depression

The book introduces cognitive and information-processing models of depression and evaluates cognitive vulnerability models. It also points out how stressful events and circumstances influence depression sufferers.

Chapter 6 – Social aspects of depression

Social aspects presented in the book include depression in the family context and social behaviors of depressed people.

Chapter 7 – Biological treatments of depression

This chapter discusses current developments in the treatment of depressive disorders, including pharmacological and other medical interventions, antidepressant medications and other forms of treatment.

Chapter 8 – Psychological treatments of depression

The last chapter discusses effective psychotherapies, especially interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral treatment of depression, and ways to treat depression in children and adolescents.

About the author

Constance L. Hammen - Depression - Books on depressionConstance L. Hammen, PhD, served as chair of the Clinical Psychology Program at UCLA for 13 years. She is a Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and also has an appointment in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Her research is focused on risk factors for depression and bipolar disorders, family, social, and stress processes in depression, and genetic and neuroendocrine factors. Currently, dr. Hammen’s work involves forms of parental depression.

Handbook of Depression

Handbook of Depression edited by Ian H. Gotlib and Constance L. Hammen is a newer version of the previously mentioned book, organized into four broad sections:

  • descriptive aspects of depression,
  • vulnerability, risk and models of depression,
  • depression in specific populations, and
  • prevention and treatment of depression.

Depression - Constance L. Hammen - Books on Depression

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Authors who contributed to this book concluded their chapters with a section describing what they think are the most important directions for future research in the field of depressive disorders. Readers of this book can get a sense of the advances made in the field and the important issues which may be in the center of research on depression in the following years.

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