Depression Quotes About Love

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Depression Quotes About Love – Sad Love Quotes – Unreturned Love Quotes

  • ‘Before long, we are into middle age, with its problems, its insecurities. Love becomes enmeshed in uncertainties about our libidos, our fading dreams, our future. It is a time of stark reality, a time for reflection, often a time of sadness, even depression.’ (Ben Milder)
  • ‘And somehow every lover knows this. He feels in his soul that his love is a solitary thing. He comes to know a new, strange loneliness and it is this knowledge which makes him suffer. So there is only one thing for the lover to do. He must house his love within himself as best he can; a world intense and strange, complete in himself.’ (Carson McCullers)
  • ‘We are together with such force that we hurt one another with the pain of our love. But we dare not to let it go. For the time in space we are with one another desperately – as if we were the only ones left in the world and apartness would certainly send us both into a crashing death, back to earth, only to be smashed to bits by life’s reality.’ (All The Sad Young Men, Anonymous)
  • ‘Women are locked into love. Love is their mother tongue. I’m not criticizing that; I’m just pointing out the way God designed women. In fact, if love weren’t the woman’s deepest value, this world would be in a very sad shape.’ (Emerson Eggerichs)

Depression Quotes About Love by Victor Hugo

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  • ‘True love is in despair and in raptures over a glove lost or a handkerchief found, and it requires eternity for its devotion and its hopes. It is composed at the same time of the infinitely great and the infinitely small.’
  • ‘You who suffer because you love, love still more. To die of love, is to live by it.’
  • ‘We all, whoever we may be, have our respirable beings. If they fail us, the air fails us, we stifle, then we die. To die for lack of love is horrible. The asphixya of the soul.’


  • ‘Some wistful feelings of melancholy seem to go along with love stories, but when using romance addictively, there is both a biological and a psychological crash that is experienced as depression. When depression follows the end of a romantic affair, the person may experience trouble moving forward with life and cling to the person or dream of perfect love.’ (Brenda Schaeffer)
  • ‘For the shy and depressed or just plain bored, cyber connections are easy to maintain or hide behind. The fantasy world substitutes for the real world. Cyber love relationships become highly charged and addictive.’ (Brenda Schaeffer)
  • ‘I think of friends as life jackets for a person adrift in the Sea of Depression. Their steadfastness, love and support are an antidote to the poisonously negative world view that is the hallmark of depression.’ (Richard R. Rubin)
  • ‘If we really are depressed, we are on the verge of discovering that we are really loved.’ (Matthew & Dennis Linn)
  • ‘Depression can be a form of “brain pain” that is practically unendurable. For many who have been depressed, not only is the face of God eclipsed, but their own souls are in eclipse. Faith dies, hope withers, love is impossible. The sense of isolation and self-loathing is overwhelming.’ (Susan J.Dunlap)
  • ‘At its heart, depression is a spiritual, emotional and personal condition. That condition is best described as being cut off from life. Some aspect of the person’s heart and soul is out of order, disengaged and disconnected from God and others. It is as if some vital part of you is lost and frozen in time, and it is inaccessible for love, relationship, grace, or the truth.’ (Henry Cloud & John Townsend)
  • ‘Depression can, in part, be caused by a person trying to repress his or her feelings of sadness and anger – the two ingredients of the God-given protest against lack of love.’ (Henry Cloud)
  • ‘Depression is a great despairing cry for love.’ (S. Rado)
  • ‘In general, people involved in stable, close relationships are less likely to be depressed. In adult women, the single most common trigger for depression is an unhappy love relationship.’ (Dianne R. Hales)
  • ‘People get depressed because they think thoughts that make them depressed – that’s all there is. Make a decision to monitor your thinking and get into the habit of thinking positively. This will help you find the work you really love and it will give you strength in changing your thinking.’ (Simona Rich)
  • ‘Depression has a way of spoiling your experience of things you used to love to do. They just don’t seem fun anymore. Sometimes the events that make you depressed (for example, the ending of a relationship) result in limiting your contact with people whose company you used to enjoy and decreasing your access to activities that used to give you pleasure. But when you’re depressed, the worst thing you can do is stay in bed, sit at home and avoid people.’ (David J. Miklowitz)

Depression Quotes About Love, Seekyt

  • ‘Even love is only a faint echo of itself. A leaden haze obscures the day and folds into a dark tunnel with no hint of light at the end. Where is hope? There is none. Where is happiness? Gone as if it had never been, replaced by tears that must be hidden. Where is relief? Perhaps in death.’

(Patricia Ainsworth)

Depression Quotes – Unreturned Love Quotes

  • ‘In the case of unreturned love, we create our own heartache. We may imagine that the person that we love and long for has had a change of heart. We may imagine that they will knock on our front door, step in our arms, hold us and kiss us passionately. We create a fantasy. We are the screenwriters. We design a little play or a movie in which we are the producer and the director. We plan the scene, we plan the seduction, we play out the script the way in which we want it to go, and we may have a pleasurable experience, an enjoyable little fantasy, until we suddently return our thoughts to reality and we have to face the facts. And with that realization, we hurt, we feel pain and heartache.’ (Katherine Gates)
  • ‘Unrequited love is one of life’s more painful experiences. It feels like you are pouring your heart out to someone and they are letting it fall to the ground, unrecognized and even worse, unreturned. It feels like we may not survive if we do not receive the love back.’ (Kimberly Kirberger & Colin Mortensen)
  • ‘If someone doesn’t return your love, it doesn’t mean you are unlovable.’ (Kimberly Kirberger & Colin Mortensen)
  • ‘Overall, it appears that unrequited love often makes people act in strange or unexpected ways.’ (Brian H. Spitzberg & W. R. Cupach)
  • ‘It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. And experience is clear at this point, that unrequited romantic love, turned to higher forms of love for people who need that love desperately,never does go out unreturned. It is only when unreturned love grows bitter and hard and introspective and selfish that such love stays unreturned forever.’ (Carl Heath Kopf)

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Depression Quotes About Love, Seekyt
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