Do you think that a friend, a family member, or even you suffer from depression? If you do think so but are not sure here we will name some symptoms of this illness and how to overcome it. Depression is when a person has a low mood that persists for a long time. This illness isn’t just when you feel sad for a day, it is constant since it is a disease from the brain.

Some people are depressed because of enviromental, genetical, biochemical, and psychological factors. These people tend to be sad and feel that they are wothless, which can end up in thoughts of suicide but as well as these emotional symptons there are physical symptons like loss of weight and energy, and difficulty sleeping.

If you think that you are suffering from depression don’t hesitate in asking for help and support from your friends, family, and a counselor. A counselor or a therapist can help you through your whole process of recovery by identifying the cause of the illness because they listen to you and give you good information to get your mood up. If you think that a friend or family member has this disease talk to them in a calm voice and tell him/her the risks of this without putting any pressure on that person. Try to make them feel better and try to convince him or her to go to therapy. Even when you think that your friend or family member is already cured, keep a close eye on them since falling into depression is just as easy as it is hard to come out of it, and some people can fall into depression many times before being completely cured. Make sure its clear to them that if they every feel sad or depressed they can count on you so you are completely aware of their life, since sometimes depression doesn’t show symptoms.

Depression is a horrible illness that can end in death so be aware of the consequences.