Design ideas for outdoor fireplace Dallas

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An outdoor fireplace can serve as a dramatic focal point in your deck, patio, or backyard. It can be used both for casual, relaxed evenings with family members and for formal dinners and meetings with friends. Here are some design ideas for building warm, cozy, and aesthetically appealing fireplace in your Dallas home.

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Consider the architecture of the main house
The design of the fireplace should complement the size, as well as the design theme prevalent in the yard or patio and other parts of your home. Is there stone or stucco that you can match? A natural stone fireplace would blend perfectly well with the rustic-look dominant in the entire home. A stone fireplace is sturdy and conveys a warm and welcoming sense when used in patios and pool decks.

The size of the fireplace should neither be too big nor too small. It should be in accordance with the size of your patio or backyard to create seamless design effect.

Choose between gas only and wood burning fireplace
Decide upon the type of fireplace. Do you want to burn wood logs or you are comfortable with the gas? Keep the construction and code requirements in mind when choosing between the two. In some areas they do not allow burning wood. To avoid paying penalties and serious fine, choose the fireplace type carefully.

The outdoor fireplace location
The placement of the outdoor fireplace is yet another important consideration to bear in mind when working on the fireplace design. Though zoning guidelines may vary from city to city, you may not be allowed to construct the fireplace close to the existing home. Some communities have rules regarding slope setbacks and height restrictions.

Some other factors that you must take in to account when building your outdoor fireplace are privacy, screening, the direction in which the wind blows most of the time, views from the house, and the focal point. The outdoor fireplace is a large structure and is going to be a dominant structure of your patio or pool. So, design carefully.

Think about the seating arrangements

Depending on the location of the fireplace, you can choose between lounge style chairs and sofas or relaxed benches and stools. Patio areas adjacent to fireplaces should be big enough to accommodate the patio style furniture that you choose. Make sure there is room enough for the plants and greenery and for walking after placing the furniture.

An outdoor fireplace extends the overall look and feel of a house. By using colors, fun patterns and elements you can add texture and style to the outdoors, making it the focal point of your home and can win accolades for your home décor taste and sensibility.

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