Design Strategies for Kitchen Range Hoods' Venting

There are many ways to create amazing focal points in the kitchen. The way you design your space, use the materials, shapes and textures, helps you create a one-of-a-kind presence. But one important point in every kitchen is the cooking area. The invention of large industrial sized range hoods that are installed in the kitchen helps draw attention to this part even more.

Grease, smoke and odors evolved from daily cooking can make a perfect looking lovely kitchen an unpleasant place to be. So, installing and adding kitchen range hoods can remove harmful pollutants and keep the kitchen environment healthy and attractive. Not only this, it can also trap grease preventing it from getting deposited all over the kitchen. So, a thoroughly studied hood can look excellent whereas overlooking the details can jeopardize the look of the kitchen design on whole. Various design strategies of kitchen hood venting are:

Wall Venting:
As this system uses an exterior wall mounted vent, the interior duct needs to be extended far up the wall. In order to draw the air correctly, the duct needs to continue far enough vertically. It offers more flexibility and becomes challenging to find an appropriate location to end the ducting or conceal it.

Fully exposed, partial height duct: Honest and authentic, fully exposing the hood duct reveals exactly what mechanics are being carried out.

Partially exposed, partial height duct: As the ducting requires more vertical run than allowed within the cabinet height, it’s partially concealed behind a cabinet panel.

Floor Venting:
This type of venting system typically runs directly down to the framing of the floor and then totally of the house, just at or above the foundation.

Downdraft systems: Downdraft hoods when installed keep the area breezy and clean. Among the many different kinds of systems, even with a huge and telescoping unit the steam doesn’t get pulled aside.

Ceiling Venting:
Simple and straightforward, this system uses duct that expands straight to the ceiling.

Flush mounted: The hoods included in this system are confined to the ceiling. With high kitchen ceilings, this system doesn’t function properly as the steam and odors spread out too far before they reach the kitchen ceiling.
Completely exposed duct: This type of system is solely created for a wall mount system. This is highly functional as the surrounding cabinets and back wall helps the odors and steam go straight to the hood.

These hoods have become a visual centerpiece of many high end kitchens. So, buying cost-effective and high quality ranges can not only make your kitchen functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

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