Design Twists and Innovative Home Style

Are you always on the lookout for decorating inspiration? Do you get delight from imaginative color combinations, eclectic interior looks or a mix of patterns? Style your home spaces with design twists that personalize and energize your rooms. Use decorative design twists to create a unique, custom interior style.

Try inspiring decorating ideas that add beauty and personality to your home. Display stylish accessories in groups of three, by scale, finish and design. Repeat decorative themes throughout room spaces. Beautiful patterns and colors are wonderful expressions of personal style. Make linen material, prints and sheer to heavy fabrics a design element for your rooms. Apply a personal style palette for home decor based on a model interior, home fashion trends or as a step-by-step process.

Personalize room spaces through unique and daring focal points. A beautiful fireplace, large chandelier and dramatic wall art are special attention-getters. Another way to enhance a room surrounding is through decorative details. Elegant textures in soft, silky or smooth fabrics great design features for windows.

Decorative twists are creative themes of luxury elegance and casual comfort. Add a touch of unpredictable design through fabric, prints and decorative finishes. Choose chenille, solid colors or velvety texture for upholstery pieces. Or select multi-color and ikat designs for designer-inspired chairs and sofas. Glass color capiz, nickel-plated metal, chrome and leather finishes are beautiful design twists that generate stylish modern appeal.

Innovative Decorating

Innovative decorating is a style direction that is unique in application. Express a contemporary innovative decorating theme that is highly artistic, a futuristic fantasy or a tribute to modern fashion.
Creativity, motivation and guts are the energetic channels for decorating in innovative style. This style combines simplicity, character, function and the latest technology.

An innovative design gives a home space a special look. If this style works for you, it is stimulating, unexpected and effective. Make your home a model of innovation. Design every space as a technical marvel, an edgy abode of glamour or a healthy and efficient environment. An innovative home decor is big in design extremes. There is character in color splashes for a neutral room scheme. Open spaces are refreshing with minimal color, fabric and furnishings. Window dressings are dramatic or light and airy. Technology has a role in home decor with streamlined electronics, built in controls and sophisticated touch activation.

http://luxesource.comSimplicity in modern design is the homey ambiance of an innovative interior. Stretch your decorating imagination with one-of-a-kind design twists. Expand your decor through simple applications of clean, contemporary design, Eco-chic style or a cutting edge innovative direction. Add a touch of unpredictable decorative twists that upgrade and transform your home.