Designer Dog Crate Covers

Even today’s domesticated dogs have the instinct to seek out a den. The typical wire mesh crate may not feel much like a den to your dog though. With designer dog crate covers the crate can feel like a closed in den for the dog and look like a fashionable piece of furniture in your home.

What will you need to know to order a designer dog crate cover?

  • All three dimensions of the crate to be covered
  • Desired material and pattern
  • Desired features

Dog crates tend to come in common sizes, with only a couple inches difference from one crate manufacturer to another. You’re going to want to select a designer dog crate cover that is the exact size or slightly larger than the dog crate you want to cover. If the designer cover is just slightly too small it wont fit the dog crate appropriately. Being a couple inches too big will allow the designer cover to drape over the crate nicely.

The material that the designer dog crate cover is made out of will dictate how the cover is cared for. Cotton fabric is going to be a good option as it will be machine washable. Acrylic fabric may also be a good choice for the cover. If searching for a designer dog crate cover that is already made you may not have many options in fabric. If you can sew, or find a local person that can sew, you can create a custom designer dog crate cover made of out of whatever fabric and material you desire.

Depending on the dog and the environment that the dog lives in, it may be very important to get a designer dog crate cover that is washable. Be sure to check for this when cover shopping. If there is potential that the dog may go into the crate wet and muddy it sure will be beneficial to be able to throw the cover in the wash.

Features of your designer dog crate cover you may want to include are things like a matching pillow and/or a bumper. Another nice feature to have in the crate cover may be to have sides that open and close. This can be with tie backs like curtains or roll-up sides that tie at the top. Sides that open isn’t really going to contribute to the den feel of the crate so it’s not really an important feature. The bumper can help protect the legs of the dog from going through the sides of the crate.

Reversible dog crate covers would also increase the design potential of the cover. Dogs are not color, although they see colors less vibrantly than humans. Keep this in mind when selecting any dog crate cover, but particularly when searching for a reversible one. Make sure the pattern on the inside wont bother the dog, however unlikely this may be.

The price of designer dog crate covers can vary widely and depend on the size of the cover. Expect to pay anywhere from $35 to several hundred dollars. As the size and detailing of the crate cover increases so will the price.