Desks for Small Spaces

When it comes down to your workspace you need your room. Because creative processes need their room, both mentally but also in space. And it is possible to have a good computer desk in a small room?

Of course, there are a couple of tricks you can do to have desks in small spaces.

Computer Desks in Small Spaces

Computer Desk with Hutch

A computer desk with hutch is a way to use your space in a smart way. A hutch is a piece of furniture which is placed on top of your desk, instead of besides it. This gives you a lot of room for your monitor, books and CD’s, while maintaining the same space.

L Shaped Desks: Create a Corner Computer Desk

With l shaped desks you actually use every little space in your room, including corners which are kept empty many times. These corner computer desks work very well if you need to have storage (in the form of a hutch or book shelves) together with a computer in it. The only downfall is sitting with your back to the rest of the room, which might scare a lot of people.

Computer Armoire

A computer armoire is really old fashion. These desks are from back in the days when you were supposed to put your computers away. Of course, the computers were very bad looking back in the days, so you had to put them away. But still, they can be very practical when you are operating in a small room.

What You Are Looking For in a Desk

When you are going out looking for a small desk you should pay attention to a couple of things:

  • The sizes. Not a lot of room? Make sure to measure everything before you are going out to spend money!
  • Durability. Get something which lasts. At least for the time you are staying in the small space. If you are not looking towards a promotion, make sure to have a desk which lasts.

With these tips you should be able to find one of the perfect desks for small spaces!