Destination Wedding Planner

For many it’s their dream to be married on a romantic tropical island. Bare feet in white sand, a light breeze blowing and the sound of waves a short distance away seems to be the perfect way to start out your new life. As awesome as that may seem having everything turn out exactly the way you want is not that easy. Outdoor weddings come with a large number of little details that must be addressed. So, is a Hawaiian Wedding right for you? Even if you plan on a small intimate wedding, should you plan the wedding yourself or should you hire a Hawaiian wedding planner?

Many details go into planning a destination wedding. Even if there is going to be just a few people attending you still want everything perfect. Likely you will be flying in a few days early to set everything up but is that enough. Here are a few things to consider.

1) Legal arrangements: What do you need to do to get the wedding license? What fees are involved? Who can perform the ceremony?

2) Location: You not only need to choose a location, you also need to make sure it will be available when you want it. You can’t necessarily just stake out a piece of a beach and call it yours for the afternoon. What is the weather like in the location you have chosen at the time of day you plan on being there? Different parts of different island very dramatically. Is the beach calm or windy at that time of day? Does it rain frequently there at that time of year and that time of day (yes time of day make a difference on an island!)? Is the beach usually busy at that time?

There are also pictures to consider. How will the light be in your chosen location at that time of day? Will there be proper light on the backdrop areas (waterfalls, waves, mountains, landscaping)?

3) If there will be food for the reception how will it be catered?

4) What wedding items are needed? Chairs, tables, wedding arch, flower pedals, all these details help make for that perfect wedding.

5) Grooming of the area. Likely the area will need a little work before you set up. This is especially true with beaches. Often the area needs to have wood or seaweed or other ocean debris cleaned up. This often needs to be addressed right before the wedding. Do you have someone set up to handle this?

6) Choosing some background music. While you may want a simple wedding, would a little music add to the occasion? Do you have time to interview and choose someone if you would like live music?

7) Can you really get the best prices for all of these in just a day or two of onsite research and planning after you get to the Hawaiian island of choice?

Wedding planners

Usually people have enough on their minds that last couple days before the “Big Day”. For that reason it is often easier and more cost effective to hire a wedding planner for destination weddings. They know the area including weather, wind, and availability of the best locations. They also know where to buy things at the best price, which are the most experienced musicians and photographers, as well as the details needed to make the wedding official. Even simple weddings have a lot of details to consider, details that are hard to take care of when you live on the other side of an ocean. Make your tropical destination wedding day perfect with a little help from an experienced wedding planner.