Detox Smoothies, A Gentle Way To Start A Detox Plan

Detox smoothies are a great way to get started on a natural body detox. Our bodies need to be working at 100% to make sure that the toxins that build up are eliminated efficiently in a process called detoxification. However, with all the stresses on our bodies from pesticides, pollutants, hectic lifestyles and the non-organic, refined food diet that many of us eat, our bodies struggle to keep up with detoxification. Detox smoothies help our bodies to get a ‘kick start’, now and then.

Strict detox plans are often hard to follow, they are too severe. If you want a nice easy introduction, detox smoothies are so easy as you only have to start by replacing just one meal every day. As you can imagine, this is not exactly onerous but you will certainly feel the benefit of doing so. There are many people who have medical problems which would mean they could not go on a very strict detox plan. For these people, a daily smoothie is a great way to get some natural body detox benefits.

You can make them at home in a smoothie blender, smoothie maker or even a food processor. Try to use organic ingredients wherever possible. If you are not able to get organic produce, you must wash everything really well before use. Making your own smoothies means that they will be as fresh as possible and therefore of the greatest nutritional benefit. If you have any smoothie mixture left over, you can retain almost all the nutrients by freezing this straight away.

Detox smoothies are rapidly becoming ‘the next big thing’ with those of us who like to look after our bodies. Green smoothies and fruit smoothies have huge benefits. Smoothies are easy to make, the main thing to remember is to use organic, replace some meals with smoothies, use as much raw food as possible, and drink the smoothie as soon as possible after preparation.