Diabetes Mellitus Pancreatic Cell Implants an Alternative to Insulin Injections

Diabetes mellitus is one of the common forms of the condition. There are different types of diabetes. Usually, people with the condition have serious variations in their blood sugar level.

Pancreatic cell implants are currently being developed as an alternative method of treatment for individuals who are affected by this illness. Doctors currently use insulin in some form to help patients control their blood sugar levels.

Human Endocrine System

Some adults and children take tablets to control their blood glucose. Others are at the stage where tablets cannot help them, so they use injections to do the job. Most people are not overly fond of having to monitor their blood sugar and then inject themselves with insulin.

Before an injection of insulin is given, diabetics must test their blood sugar level. This is often done by pricking the fingertips in order to obtain a small sample of blood that is read by a machine. While some companies that manufacture test strips have come up with ways for persons to test their blood by taking samples from less sensitive areas of their body, it still hurts.

Injecting Insulin with a Syringe

There are other problems associated with this method of managing or treating diabetes. Young children with the illness sometimes find it difficult to keep up with the demands of regular testing. The same applies to adults and older children, who have busy schedules and may occasionally forget to take their medication.


Pancreas- Image via Wikimedia, PD

It is also inconvenient to stop and inject yourself with insulin every time you need to. Sometimes people are embarrassed or feel uncomfortable because they have to expose confidential information about themselves to persons who are not immediate members of their family or friends.

Pancreatic cell implants have been developed as a solution to all of these problems. The procedure involves inserting cells from the pancreas below the skin of a diabetic. These cells are the ones that normally produce insulin in the body.

Since they are able to produce insulin naturally, they would eliminate the need for a diabetic to inject himself or herself with insulin. The cells would secrete insulin as needed in the body.