Diabetic Cat Food

Diabetic cat food can be a significant help in managing diabetes in cats. Unfortunately there is a tendency lately for cats to be obese. Similar to what happens in humans, this obesity raised the tendency for cats to develop diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that is characterised by the inability of the body’s cells to take in sugar or energy. This is caused by a lack of insulin or its improper usage. There are two types of diabetes: insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Usually cats develop the kind that needs insulin shots.

Symptoms of Diabetes

The cat eats more, but loses weight. The cat also drinks more and consequently urinates more. These are the four most common symptoms: weight loss, drinking more, urinating more and eating more. These symptoms are also why it sometimes takes a long time to diagnose your cat. After all, who takes their cat to the vet because it is eating and drinking more?

Treating Diabetes

Treating diabetes is very important. If the cat is left without treatment, the disease will probably be fatal. Most often the disease is managed with insulin injections. It is fundamental to get the dosage right because if the dose is too high, the cat may become depleted in glucose, which is the only form of energy that is used by the brain. This can quickly become fatal.

Insulin dosages are usually determined by your veterinarian. Your cat usually needs to stay at the vet hospital or clinic for a day or so and they are carefully monitored and tested hourly for blood sugar levels. They are cared for normally with periodic feeding and insulin treatments.

Another important aspect of treatment is nutritional therapy. Similar to the human disease, the cat’s diet needs to be properly managed and it is extremely important that the cat continues to eat regularly on a set schedule. Also, because obesity is a predisposing factor, this must be addressed and the cat needs to lose weight. A diet high in fibre and complex carbohydrates is often recommended. In other cases carbohydrates need to be restricted. Consult your veterinarian as to which to try. You may need to do a little trial and error test to see which type of diet is best for your cat.

The following list of cat food for diabetic cats was compiled from Amazon.com. The prices are subject to change, but they will give you a ballpark range of what cat food for diabetic cats will cost you.

Royal Canin DS Feline Diabetic Cat Food 5 lb – $25.97

Purina DM Dietetic Management Cat Food 24 5.5-oz cans-$39.77

Hills W/D Low Fat Diabetic GI Health Cat Food 4 lb-6.99

Hills M/D Weight Loss Diabetic Cat Food 4 lb-8.978.97

Purina DM Dietetic Management Cat Food 10 lb-$44.99

Hills W/D Low Fat Diabetic GI Health Chicken Cat Food 4 lb-4.974.97Health Chicken Cat Food 4 lb

Final Thoughts

Diabetes can be a very nasty and insidious disease that needs to be carefully managed. Diet is only one way, but it is very important. There are a number of options of diabetic cat food available.