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Diabetic? Your Food Choices Matter!

Millions of Americans suffer from diabetes. Some are born with the condition, it is unpreventable and incurable; it is called Type 1 diabetes. However, others can develop diabetes. Sometimes they are genetically predisposed to it, but often it is the result of lifestyle choices. These Type 2 diabetics can actually “heal” from their diabetes (although it is called going into remission), through better eating and activity choices. Here are some of the best foods to eat as a diabetic.

Fruits and Vegetables

Nature has created a lot of different fruits and vegetables for us to eat. And they are all essentially great choices (fruits in moderation due to their high sugar content). Basically speaking, you can indulge all you want on fruits and vegetables as long as there are no additives.

This means that whole fruits and vegetables, cooked or raw, are great choices for your diet. They don’t even have to be fresh. Frozen fruits and vegetables, as well as canned, all contain the same nutrients that fresh ones do. But you have to pay attention to what has been added to them. If a lot of sugar or salt has been added, you are setting yourself up for problems. Instead stick to those with minimal additions.

Whole Grains

As a diabetic, your body craves carbohydrates. But they must be the right kind of carbohydrates. Too many simple carbs, like sugar, will just cause your blood sugar to spike and could land you in the hospital. Instead, look for the complex ones.

Whole grains are great for the blood and the heart. They take a long time to break down so they provide long lasting and sustainable energy. They are your oats, whole wheats, brown rices, as well as corn and potatoes. Eat plenty of these, with minimal additives, and your heart and blood sugar levels should be great.

Skip the processed junk like white rice, bleached flour, and french fries.

Meats and Proteins

Everybody needs protein. But because of your blood chemistry, there are certain needs that must be met. You will want high protein, low fat, and minimal salt.

Meats that give you the most bang for your buck are going to be fish. White fish like tilapia is a neutral taste that almost anyone can enjoy. Salmon has plenty of protein as well as omega acids that your body and brain need. Beans, Tofu, and aged cheeses can balance out your diet.

It is best to skip anything fried. Sure it tastes good, but it is terrible for your body. While bacon is amazing, try to limit your intake, and avoid the creamy fatty cheeses. Naturally anything cooked in butter is not going to be your best bet.

Balance Your Diet and Rid the Diabetes

For a little while you may need to take diabetes medication. But if you eat a good diet, and if you get plenty of exercise, then you will be able to manage your diabetes naturally. You will find that your body can do well without the medication and will see your disease remit.

Would you rather pay for expensive and dangerous medication, or would you rather live a healthy lifestyle and be disease free?

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