Diamond Dallas Page Yoga! BAM!

A Career That Spanned Two Decades

If you ever were a wrestling fan then you’ll remember Diamond Dallas Page or better known as DDP, the working man’s champion! He was one of the only wrestlers who started late in his career and won the title 3 times, even when others said he was just too old to do so. Page started as a manager and worked up to a phenomenal career in the forefront of the world’s wresting Superstardom. Take a look at some of his work in the ring…

DDP was famous for his trademark Diamond Cutter move that rendered his opponent clueless and mostly just knocked them out as you can see in the video above. After many years beating up his own body, DDP was hurting bad and needed something to bring himself back from the edge of ill health. He found it in YOGA. Yes, yoga! This tough dude who kicked major butt in the world of wrestling designed his own type of yoga, called DDPYOGA.

It ain’t your Mama’s Yoga!

For those of you who are familiar with how yoga works, then you know it is great for stretching your body and strengthening your core. DDP knew that too but as a World Wrestling Champ he needed more than just that and worked with professionals to design his own yoga system, which is a combination of yoga moves and resistance exercises. This places no pressure on joints and will elevate the cardio level along with strengthening your core. It will lead to weight loss and increase lean muscle. If you think this is a joke or not true, take a look at the following video, it will blow your mind!

It’s obvious from that video alone that anybody can do this. It doesn’t matter where your from or where you’ve been in life’s journey, with the proper system and determination, your life can totally change.

DDPYOGA can change lives, the reviews are in and it’s working.