Diamond Earrings Best Ever Buying Guide

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Since the olden days diamonds have been used as the perfect gifts for loved ones. Engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings and bracelets are just some of the common ornaments which are made of diamond. This article analyzes the diamond earrings and factors to be considered when getting the best whether for personal use of for a gift. Generally diamonds are the sturdiest and beautiful ornaments compared to all the other precious stones. When you want to get diamonds you will need to do thorough research so that you don’t make mistakes since diamonds are very expensive and precious stones.
The Four Cs
When it comes to precious stones there are some guidelines that are used to determine their perfection or how well they will serve you. These guidelines are summed up in four Cs. The value of diamonds just like any other precious stone largely depends on the four Cs.

Many people are familiar with the word carat without actually know what it means. We hear about it in televisions but just what is a carat? When getting diamond earrings carat is the measure of the mass and eight of diamond. It means that when the carat is higher the diamond is more expensive. The popularity and the value of diamond earrings are determined by carats. Tiffany Yellow Diamond is the largest octahedron and weighs 287 carats and is known to be the largest diamond. It was also poplar since it was yellow. However, it was since cut down to 128 carats.

In their natural form diamonds are the hardest materials. With this the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond. The metamorphosis process of turning carbon to diamond is special. There might be certain defects and impurities embedded in the crystal lattice or on the surface. When there are internal imperfections in your diamond earring they are called inclusions. A clear diamond has no inclusions and therefore more expensive. The more the defects the lower the prices of the diamond.

Diamond earrings are transparent and colorless when they are losing. It is hard to come by colorless diamonds unlike any other precious stone. This therefore makes them more expensive. Generally diamonds are made of intense colorations and tend to appear darker. They are also more expensive than light ones. Pink, blue and green diamonds earrings are generally cheaper compared to brown and yellow ones.

The shape and design of diamond earrings is determined by how they are cut. Since diamonds are very strong they are also challenging to perfectly cut. Therefore perfectly cut diamonds tend to be more expensive. For example heart shaped or lily shaped diamonds are relatively more expensive compare to square, rectangular or circle ones. Many people prefer imperfectly cut diamonds not just because they are cheaper but also because they are natural. Jewelers might also hide some imperfections on perfectly cut diamonds such that they are not visible to untrained eyes.
When choosing your diamond earrings analyze the Four Cs and determine what’s perfect for you. You should also consider you budget as well. As you plan to spend so much money on your diamonds make sure you insure it so in case of anything you will be compensated.

Other than the Four Cs you should also focus on your budget. Since diamonds are very expensive you have to get it right. And not regret on later dates. If you are not sure you are better off asking an expert or jeweler about diamond earrings.