Diamondback BMX Bikes – Hottest Bikes Ever

Diamondback BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are currently enjoying quite a commendable increase in popularity in the market of racing bikes: one of their best brands being the Diamondback BMX bikes. It’s a key bike brand founded in Washington. The diamonds are sold in many countries now including Canada, Untied States of America, Australia and United Kingdom. The brand similarly has a diversity of models that usually come in different sizes. Diamond bikes can be categorized into dual sport, full suspension, hard tail, comfort, road, hybrid, cruiser, women and youth. Produced in China, quite a number of Diamond bikes are said to be cheaper compared to average-priced bikes. Nonetheless, some models may turn out to be a little more expensive. Lump box suspension is an innovation engineered by Diamondback mainly found in the mountain bikes such as Mission and Sortie. Diamond BMX bikes under the Diamondback line normally have their own fitness line that includes an assortment of workout equipment’s: indoor cycles, uprights and elliptical.

History of Diamonds bikes

Diamondback BMX bikes were instituted as a BMX brand in 1977. It was by an industry in California that traded bicycles under Centurion brand. The naming has under gone a series of modifications from Diamond Back, then DiamondBack and now Diamondback. Its growing admiration has seen in it that many riders compete successfully under the sponsorship of Diamondback. Races began with use of BMX, before Mountain bikes that conveyed creation of Diamondback racing.


Diamondback BMX bikes is among leading bicycles brands with some of the most sleek, stylish and fashionable bikes ever manufactured. To start us off is the 2011 Viper X; a racing bike with steel frame, double low cable steering, chromoly seat and wheels of 20 inches. Another Diamond bike is Diamondback Grind 2011 with a steel frame, 24 × 6.75 inch wheel head plug made of nylon and U-brakes which is so far the best freestyler.

Buying Tips

Well, choosing the right Diamondback BMX bike when shopping especially if it’s your first time can be a bit problematic. We will go through a few of the tips that you should keep in mind regarding the particular use of the bike that can help you make the right choice. First are the tires which can be either used on pavements or on dirt. Most bikes are used off road hence the tacks are made in a way that they have a low rolling resistance to dirt. Treading is considered important in making sure there are traction, optimum speed and grip especially when one is accelerating or negotiating a corner. Tires used in free styling are designed mainly for indoor surfaces and pavements. Dirt jumps on the other hand have tires designed for full traction. Another factor to consider is the wheels that are crucial in meeting your specific needs. Accelerating being an important factor in BMX bikes is determined by the kind of wheels that the bike has, with lighter ones found in jump and freestyle bikes. Brakes are also another important factor to consider. Freestylers are the exceptional ones here since they have both the back and front brakes which is contrary to the jump bikes with only the back brakes. The BMXs are known for their undeviating pull brakes which gives a strong grip but even then you should do some testing to prove that the bike has proper working breaks before making a purchase.

Generally though Diamondback BMX bikes are one of the best bikes that you can find out there but due to personal tastes and preferences, you may want to shop around for a while in order to find one that meets all the specifications that you had in mind.