Diaper Services Make Cloth Diapers Easy

If you haven’t yet figured it out, you can save money on diapers by using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. In fact, comparing cloth diapers vs. disposables will show you that aside from the sheer convenience of throwing away disposable diapers when you are traveling or in a hurry, cloth diapers offer many advantages over their disposable counterparts. Those include the health of your baby’s skin and saving the landfill from a whole bunch of disposable diapers.

The issue most people have with cloth diapers is the cleaning part. It is true that cleaning cloth diapers is not a lot of fun, but the money you can save and the impact on your baby makes it well worth the effort. Still, for those who simply cannot get over this obstacle, there is a service available that will remove your objections and allow you to make the switch to cloth diapers once and for all: the diaper service.

What is a diaper service? It is simply a service by a company that will stop by your home to pick up your dirty cloth diapers and deliver a whole bunch of clean ones on a periodic basis. It’s that simple. No cleaning for you. But that’s not the best part.

The best part is that you don’t even need to pre-rinse the diapers in most cases. The service will simply allow you to toss your dirty cloth diapers into a diaper pail and leave them as is. They will take care of the rest. That means no rinsing by you. In fact, that means it is no more trouble than bringing a disposable diaper to the garbage.

A cloth diapering service really eliminates the “work” involved in cloth diapering. For those to choose to clean the diaper themselves it is really not that difficult. It’s just not clean work. For the rest of you, check out the diaper service near you to see what they offer and how much it costs. You will most likely find that the cost of the service is higher than the cost of your extra laundry (when you clean them yourself), but the other benefits of reducing waste and the health of your baby will still be there, so give it a try.

To find a service near you search for “diaper service” or “diaper cleaning service”. If you come up blank you can also call your local laundry service or even laundromat to see if they offer diaper cleaning. If they don’t now, they might soon, since cloth diapers are gaining popularity quickly.