Did you know that kissing helps us to find the perfect partner?

Did you know that kissing helps us to find the perfect partner?

Everyone likes to kiss and is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Sometimes it’s for love, sometimes not; either more or less, is something most people do without a problem. But did you ever stop to think if they serve for something else? According to some studies kisses help you find the perfect match, so we can kiss up to find that perfect person.

Researchers at Oxford University realized this and made several tests check. According to them, the kisses are very important because they are present in virtually all cultures and societies. And yet it is unique and exclusive to humans, because although some primates do not have the same frequency or importance for us.

The importance of kissing

There are three theories on why humans continually kissed; the first is because that way we find potential partners and evaluate their genetics. The second is that it helps to sexual arousal. The third is that it helps us to keep our family with us.

work to see out if they are right or not, the researchers found that women in a relationship give more importance to kissing the man, and the same goes for those men and women who have casual relationships.

Women are bearing children in her womb, and, therefore, use more energy to choose their potential mates properly. The same goes for those who have casual relationships, using kissing to find the right.

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Kissing and other factors

At the same time, we know that raising a child is easier to do in pairs, so it is considered that keeps kissing your partner with you, which is necessary for motherhood. However, there are other factors that do not involve fatherhood but if relationships between two people. While physical attractiveness and personality are important issues to consider, kisses help strengthen the attraction.

On the other hand, polls showed that kisses are more important before sex to people not involved while for those in a long-term importance is the same at any time.