Did You Know That You Can Donate Furniture to Charity? – Donations of Materials Act Just Like Cash Donations!

For many people, the donation of cash to a charity is the only method of donation and they never realize that you can donate furniture to a charity or other important items, like vehicles, equipment, clothing, or even property. What is great about being able to donate furniture to charity, or similar items that hold a monetary value, is that by donating them it still acts as an asset transaction for you, meaning you can claim the monetary value of the donation on that year’s tax return. In addition, many charities welcome such gifts because they can put them to instant use or be able to resell the items to generate welcome revenues.

Some Charities Pick Up Donated Items

For some, they realize that they can donate furniture to charity or other items that are just lying around their home, but they feel like they have no means of getting the items there. After all, not everyone owns a truck that can move a heavy couch or a bed or another piece of integral home furnishings. Some charities have realized that this is a barrier to them being able to receive needed items as well, so some have started simply picking up items at the homes of those wishing to make donations. That way you don’t have to worry about how to get the item there and the charity doesn’t have to worry about finding what they need because no one will donate items.

Just Get Rid of That Clutter!

A bonus situation occurs when you donate furniture to charity. All that clutter that has been taking up space in your home, forcing you to walk around things just to get to other things, making you stub your toes, causing you to not be able to find the things you want to find – all of that goes away when you make an asset donation to a charity. Sometimes you can even simply donate the items locally by taking them to a charitable retailer, who will then resell your items directly to their customers in order to generate revenues. That means your asset donation helps the organization and helps someone else obtain a needed item for a fraction of the cost of a new item. That’s pretty awesome right there.

Ask Your Local Shelters

When it comes to charities that need you to donate furniture to charity, at the top of that list in every community are the local homeless shelters and the local agency that assists women who are escaping from abusive relationships. A benefit to donating these items locally to an agency like this means they get used locally by those who are in need in your community, and often you are helping children who are simply in less fortunate circumstances.

When to comes to the decision to donate furniture to charity, you are making the decision to get rid of all that clutter in your home, help people locally, and even help tax-exempt organizations generate revenues while you get to claim a tax break – that is what you call a win/win situation right there.