Die Cut for Making Your Brand Look Different

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Are you tired of classic printing methods and you are looking out for a way to brand your company’s advertising look different to the clients? One way to achieve this goal is to make use of die cut marketing supplies. Instead of using square, you can have your promotional materials come in any format you like.

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The Die Cut Process

Die cutting is a process of cutting and then using sharp steel forms. It can be applied to labels, containers, bottles, printed sheets, and many more. It can also be done through a flatbed press or on a rotary press once you are done with printing.

Die cut printing is an economical and quick way to get the desired look of cut merchandise without having to appoint someone to waste the whole day in cutting them by hand. An exceptional cutting blade is shaped into the preferred shape, recognized as a die, and is then cast-off to cut through the substance. Every so often, multiple sheets are being cropped at once to speed up the whole process. The steel sharp edge leaves a clean, strident edge that has a unique look to it.

Business Cards

Everyone is acquainted with what a visiting or business card appears like – small, rectangular, and usually white with some kind of printing on it. Just imagine how people would react if your business card would have been of a different shape. You can do something as simple as turning the ends to give it a softer appearance, or something as extreme as selecting a completely different shape. Whatsoever you select, going with a die cut business cards almost guarantees that the individual you give it to would look at it one more time. And if your card gets thrown into a drawer with various other business cards, it will surely stand out from all the other business cards.


Stickers are a great promotional tool. They can be fixed almost anywhere, and it is a fun giveaway to the masses. Deciding to go with a die cut sticker would mean that you will nearly have immeasurable potential for making your stickers popular. Stickers can be shaped into any form, allowing you to make a cool, custom look that individuals wish to keep.

Die cut business cards tend to be a bit pricier than customary printing, but it is usually worth the price. Remember that, you only get a single chance to make a first impression on a client, so you have to make sure that all your marketing supplies stand out and look different.

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Die Cut for Making Your Brand Look Different, Seekyt
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