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Die Cutting Machine Classifications

The pressing require for innovative innovations is always evident with the transformative nature of safety regulations with other social developments. However, at the cutting edge like an automatic die cutting machine. The cutting machine is divided into two, metal and nonmetal materials cutting machine. Metal cutting machine has plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, flame cutting machine, water jet cutting machine, etc., while the nonmetallic material cutting machine is primarily the blade cutting machine.

According to the control, “cutter machines are divided into manual cutting machines and CNC cutting machine”. CNC cutting machine uses the digital process-driven movement, and the cutting process is operated with the machine movement. Die cutting machine classification:

• Rotary Die Cutting Machine
There is a drum (cylindrical in shape) provides die-cutting pressure and roller cutter is the other one. Roller die cutter has metal and wooden ones; the metal one is cutting thick corrugated cardboard while the wooden is carved by chemical etching and primarily for trademarks die and self-adhesive labels. In addition, there is a metal drum cutter that is essentially used for high-grade long-term items with pressure cut.

• Round Die Cutting Machine
This machine is less used in the market because there are very few manufacturers who produce this type of machines.

• Flat Die Cutting Machine
This machine is the most broadly used die cutting machine on the market as well as is the largest domestic manufacturer models as well. There are many die cutting machines manufacturers from the domestic and international market. The machine can be used for all kinds of cutting and can be both automatic high-speed linkage die cutting and semi-automatic paper continued cutting, be cutting stickers, rubber, metal plates, sponge, corrugated board and so on.

Hydraulic cutting machine and hydraulic die-cutting machine are extensively applied in air-conditioner accessories, sponges, cloth, leather, nylon, automobile soft accessories, rubber, textiles, blister, packaging materials, plastic, cardboard, softwood, grinding tool, bags, leather ware, shoe-making, silk flowers, toy, handbags, card printing industry and chemical industry and many more. In addition, products can be tailored according to the various specifications and needs of customers.

When we think of die cut machines, and then the first thing that comes to our mind is scrapbooking. If you have ever designed a scrapbook, then you know how much effort and time it takes to make just one page. However, automatic die cutting creasing machine have many different shapes with letter cut outs. So, to start your scrapbook page, you have to decide the theme of the page and get the font and shapes from the machine that you want to use. In addition, paper and color selection is up to you.

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