If You Died Tomorrow What Would Happen To your Pets?

Many people will take time to make up a will that provides for their children and church but omit from that will the care of their pets. Pet owners assume that their loved ones will take in their beloved dog or cat and their pet will live out their days with a family member. People think that the best interest is intended for their cat or dog however truth be known, hundreds if not thousands of pets each year end up on the street or in shelters when their owner dies.

cat-814058_1280If you died tomorrow what would happen to your pet?

Have you made arrangements with family member to take your pet? If so did you make it in writing and have their signature on file with your will?   It is no guarantee that they will care for your pet but it is a contract. You can go one step further and provide for your pet in a trust.

pet-423398_640I have friends who have willed their home to the person who has agreed to care for their pet if they should die. They do this to not upset the pet, it is one thing to lose their master but to lose their home too. It is hard on the dog or the cat.

game-animals-334334_640Presently I have a mature cat in my home that I agreed to care for when my neighbor passed away. My neighbor had a trust set up and monthly I am compensated for his care. Also money was provided for his medical care and all I need to do is make the appointment and whatever this cat needs is provided at no charge to me.

When pet owners make provision in will for their animals, it shows that they love the animal and are responsible. You can not assume that your beloved pet will be taken in, just because your friend or kid said that they would care for pet after you die.

Who will care for your pets if you die tomorrow?