Diet vs. Exercise – Which is Best?

If you are wondering which is the best option between diet vs. exercise to get in shape and lose some weight here are some things for you to consider.


If you eat a very unhealthy diet and are not getting the servings of fruits and vegetables that you know you need or you are drinking too much soda or alcohol, changing your diet is the first step you need to take. Check out the new food plate recommendations to see how you are doing.

In fact, changing a high calorie and high fat diet to a diet that is lower in fat, higher in fiber, and contains only the number of calories that you need to lose 1 pound in a week will almost certainly have a dramatic impact on your body in the first few weeks. Even if you are consuming the number of calories needed to lose only 1 pound in a week, you may experience a weight loss of several pounds at first as your body releases excess water weight.


If you are eating well but are in poor shape because you never get up out of the chair all day and watch television all night, changing your exercise habits is the first step you need to take. This is because your diet is already acceptable, but you need to get those muscles moving.

The best way to start a new exercise routine is to start slow and with something that you enjoy. The best way to stick to a workout is to avoid exercises that you hate. Start slow with a few workouts per week of 30 minutes or more and work up from there. As for intensity, build your way up here as well, starting with moderate exercise.

Woman on Exercise Bike

When exercising after a long time of little or no formal exercise, don’t overdo it. Go for 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart into your target heart rate zone rather than intense exercise that may work you too hard. You should be able to hold a conversation while you exercise.

Diet vs. Exercise

The third option, of course, is to do both. If you are lacking in both categories that is what you should consider. Whether you start with an improved diet, additional exercise, or both, you are taking an important step to improving your long term health.

Because this is for the long term, don’t make any drastic changes in the short term. Make small to moderate changes first and continue with them until you have routine.

The most important thing about considering diet vs. exercise is that you just consider one of them. Do that and you are on your way.