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Different Aspects of Window Repair

When talking of home window repair, it is first required to identify the kind of repair that is needed. The purpose of repairing is fruitful only when the subject is mended without replacing a major part of it. Same goes with the window repair. It is essential that a repair should not be carried out like a job of replacement. At domestic level, window repair is not at all difficult to perform; it’s a piece of cake for an average adult. But, then, there are circumstances when window repair seems a bit tedious than the usual. Then and there the need of professional window repairers is felt.

Type of Window

Window panes come designed in different shapes and sizes; some are simply squared while some exhibit intricacies in their design. More or less, every window seeks same protocol for its repair and installation. It is you who have to figure out the type of glass being used in the window, whether it is chromatic or transparent, and also, the thickness of the glass is to be kept into the prior consideration. Once mulled over such parameters, you are ready to proceed further with the repair.

Level of expertise

If you happen to involve in the window repairs for the first time, then you ought to be extra careful so that you don’t make it worse with your immature approach. On the other hand, if you have got an upper hand in this regard, you can do it just like another routine work. It is always advised not to take initiative when it’s about high rise window repair; let the experienced hands perform the repair for you.

Challenges that occur during repairs

Every task is accompanied by certain challenges, and so is the window repair. Sometimes, the broken glass hinders the locus that the window frame follows to open or close. In such case, you need to remove the glass very carefully in order to clear off the frame. Once done, you can continue with the installation of the new glass or can repair the broken glass using suitable adhesives. Keep it safe and simple; wear safety gloves and make sure that there is no potential threat in a wait of little negligence from your end.

How to remove the broken glass?

If the entire window frame can be easily removed, then it should be done in the first place. After removing the frame, place it on a work table and cover it with a thick cloth that offers zero permeability to the glass particles. You can then use a hammer to beat the glass down that is still clinging to the frame. After ensuring maximum strip out of the glass, slowly take off the cloth and keep it somewhere safe for it would be bearing little particles that can be removed later.

How to revamp the frame?

After the successful strip out, the next step is to revamp the frame. It can be done using a quick drying paint and a suitable brush. You may also apply a facile layer of caulk on the periphery of the frame. Doing this will give a newer appeal to your frame. Now, your frame is ready to be inserted with suitable windowpane.

Insertion of glass panel into the window frame

This is one of the most crucial steps to perform when repairing a window. The insertion of glass into the frame takes a lot of meticulousness and proficient level of skills. If you have firm belief in yourself, then continue with it, otherwise, seek experts’ help.

Reinstallation of the frame

The final step is to reinstall the window back to its position. This task is the easiest yet crucial of all –for a little of the negligence could damage the newly installed windowpane; thus, it is recommended to keep a check on unnecessary movements whilst holding the panel.


If you ever feel the need of a professional window repair service in Melbourne, then go for the most experienced one; go for Door & Windows Maintenance Victoria. The company is based in Melbourne and offers the best solutions to window and door repairs for both domestic and commercial premises.

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