Different Google Adwords Extensions for Your Ad Campaigns

Google Adwords provide for extensions that will allow marketers to optimize the result of their ad campaign in Google. Using the various extensions available will provide you the opportunity to entice your target customers to click on your ads. Most of the Google ads are designed to campaign for your business online and using the extensions will maximize the possible productive outcome from your ad promotion. The main feature of the extensions that are added to your Google Adwords campaign is to give you more added information that will give your ad a better chance for your web visitors to click on. There are different kinds of extensions that are available for your Google Adwords marketing scheme and while not all may be applicable to your business, it is worth understanding these available extensions in order to find which is the most ideal for your business ads.

The New Review Extension for Google Adwords

This extension allows online marketers to display third party reviews on their ad campaign. This is a very useful extension that you can use in your Google Adwords campaign when you have no access to other seller extension programs to use in your online advertisement. Being able to display positive reviews on your search ad in Google will give your business an extra point to entice your potential customers. You have the option which URL to source out the review snippet that will be displayed on your Google Adwords campaign.

Adword Image Extension for Google Adwords

This extension allows the user to use images on their Google ad campaign. Research revealed that images can convey details that text ads cannot such as adding colors and unique designs that will be attractive to your viewers. The Adwords image extension will allow you to integrate images to your ad but make sure that you have the copyright for the images you choose to place in your ads. It is your best opportunity to give your potential customers a peak preview about your product image that you can now display together with your textual ads.

Location Extensions for Google Adwords

This extension allows you to maximize your local business market by adding your business location address, contact number and even map to your ads. This can increase your click through especially when you are targeting the local market. The location extension is also optimal for mobile ads owing to the growing numbers of searches for local businesses using Smartphones. If you already have an existing Google Places business listing, you can integrate it with the extension for your Adwords ads.

Sitelinks for Google Adwords

This extension provides additional landing page below the textual ad you display from your Google Adwords ads. This will give you better opportunity of giving your ad viewers the chance to view a specific page from your ad, allowing you to standout from your other competitors. The additional links than you can add to your Google Adwords ad will certainly increase your click through rates.

Discount Offer Extension for Google Adwords

There is no better way of enticing your potential customers than adding coupon codes and discount coupons on your advertisement. The discount offer extension is a tool that you can use in your Adwords ad that will allow you to display a discount offer to your ad viewers. You can bring a completely overhauled Google search ads by attaching a redeemable discount offer that will increase your click through rates and getting more recommendations of your business from your customers to others.

Extensions are very useful in improving and making your Google Adwords advertisement more enticing and to deliver better features that will increase your ads’ click through rates without any difficulty. The extensions can be easily integrated with your ads without so much hassle when optimizing your Google Adwords ad campaigns.