Different Kind of Tablet Coating Procedure

Compressed tablet can be coated with colored or uncolored sugary layer. The layering is water-soluble and speedily dissolves following swallowing. The sugarcoat safeguards the enclosed medicine from the atmosphere and offer a defense to objectonable taste. The sugar layer also improves the look of the compressed capsule and allows imprinting manufacturing info. Sugar coating gives a mixture of insulation, taste making, smoothing the capsule core, coloring & modified release.
Sugar coating procedure involves 5 separate operations:

• Sealing or water proofing- this procedure offers a moisture fence and harden the capsule surface.
• Subcoating – this cause a quick buildup to round off the tablet perimeters.
• Grossing or smoothing- it smoothes out the subcoated surface and boosts the tablet dimension to predetermine size.
• Coloring – this offers the capsule its color & finished dimension
• Polishing- generates the characteristic gloss

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