Different Types Of Air Conditioning Units

There are different types of air conditioning systems and units one of which is called central air conditioning available from a distributor of air conditioning. Central air conditioning units are units that cool the entire home so long as there is duct work located through out the home. Of course where there is no ducting like in the basement or attic there will not be any air conditioning because it has nothing to flow through to provide cooling air.

When looking for a central air conditioning unit as a replacement unit you should first find a qualified central air conditioning contractor that has enough years of experience to install the unit properly. This includes the technicians that actually come into your home to do the installation that are dispatched from a distribuidores de aire acondicionado (distributor of air conditioning). When you check out these contractors ask them for referrals so you know there are satisfied homeowners who felt the contractor did good work. Get all proposals in writing. You wan to make sure your contractor knows the business because installing whole house central air conditioning is not inexpensive.

The distributor of air conditioning will use good contractors will make an appointment to come out to your home to do a walk through because not only do they need to access the size of the home but also need to look at the ducting and insulation of the entire home to make a efficient choice for your home. However the contractor should not base this decision on the size of the existing unit in the home because there may be better and more efficient sizes that will work more effectively in your home because you may have upgraded your home’s insulation since you purchased the home.

The basic types of air conditioning are that whole house system where the motor or the noisy part is located on the roof or along side the home and the duct work provides quiet comfort. These ducts are often shared by the home’s heat system. The next type available from your distributor of air conditioning is considered to be ductless. This type may not cool an entire house but it will cool the main rooms using individual units in the rooms and a single condenser. There may be 2 to 4 units installed in the rooms. They may have a single control unit however they will not be as efficient as a whole house air conditioner.

Another form of air conditioning available from the distribuidores de aire acondicionado (distributor of air conditioning) is a portable air conditioning unit available from many distributors of air conditioners. They come in a wide variety of sizes and strengths. Generally they do require an outside venting system such as through a window or other opening. They may be louder but they are effective at cooling a single room. There are some models which don’t require a vent however they cost a bit more money because they are virtually stand alone units. Just don’t expect them to cool a very large area.