Different Types of Alarm Systems

Home security systems come in all shapes and sizes. With the application of technology finding new ways every day, one needs to be abreast of what is happening so as to gain from these breakthroughs. The following are the common types of alarm systems in use today.

Alarms for single premises are the most common. Their advantage is that they are cheap to buy and also to maintain. The downside is that they don’t have the option of using an alarm monitoring company, their chief purpose being to warn you of any intruders in your property. They may include motion detectors, smoke sensors and a battery-powered door alarm.

Secondly, we have the local alarm systems. They are similar to the premises alarm above with the difference being in the use of a siren. When someone triggers them, a siren goes off, blaring enough to wake the occupants and neighbors while scaring the burglar to death. Their effectiveness is hinged on the loud noise they produce which means that in case there is nobody around, they are not effective.

The other type is the telephone dialer alarm system. Being an advancement of the local home security system, they come with a list of preprogrammed digits which are dialed in case the alarm is triggered. These numbers could be of the local security agents who will be alerted that there has been a breach of security on such and such a place. Another good thing with this alarm system is that it can place calls to up to four numbers thus very effective.

Finally, we have the home security systems which are monitored throughout. Although they are the most expensive, these alarm systems are very effective when it comes to keeping the burglars away. When someone trips the alarm, the alarm monitoring company is notified. These monitoring firms have security agents around the clock to respond to such emergencies.