Different Types Of Bonsai Trees

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There are many different types of bonsai trees available today that you can start growing, as this art is very rewarding , you will need to have a lof of dedication and hard work. Bonsai gardening or planting originally came from China and it is also considered as an art form.

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If you want to start growing Bonsai Plants, you will firstly need to decide which kind of tree you would like to grow. Here are a few bonsai styles that will help you decide:

Chokkan : Also known as a formal upright style, you will see that the bark and trunk are very straight and it may seem to be the easiest bonsai tree to grow but it can also be very challenging.

Hokidachi : This bonsai style also looks similar to a broom, it is similar to a chokkan but the braches stick outwards instead of being straight. The type of trees that are suitable for a hokidachi style tree are maples and elms.

Different Types Of Bonsai Trees, SeekytShakan : With this style , you will see that the trunk is slanting to one side as if strong winds have pushed it to one side. you will also see the roots slanting with the tree as well.

Moyohgi : The trunk of this bonsai tree usually looks bent or twisted. This is also one of the well known types of bonsai trees you can find in China.

Kengai : These bonsai trees are grown so the trunk and branches hang down from the pot. Bonsai trees that do not reach the bottom of the pot are usually called han – gengai.

Bunjingi : The trunk is very thin on this bonsai tree and they grow very tall heights as well. It is quite common to see many paintings in China and Japan that capture the bunjingi bonsai tree.

As you can see , there are many different styles of bonsai trees to choose from and it will take a lot of time and dedication to fully learn the art of growing bonsai trees, so try to find the right style of bonsai that is best for you and have some fun at the same time.

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Different Types Of Bonsai Trees, Seekyt
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