Different Types of Curtains

Curtains are not just about keeping the light out as well as for privacy, but they also create atmosphere and mood. There are so many ways on how you can use curtains to decorate your windows. There are many options and choices of fabrics, colors, rods, styles, tracks and headings for drapery, that many of you will sometimes dont know how and where to start for creating the best curtains for your windows. Below here are some of the most popular types of curtains used in many homes and buildings.

French Pleat Curtains (also known as Triple Pleat Curtains)

In French pleat curtains, there are triple-pleat sections pinched together at the bottom and therefore they spread out at the top. They have a more elegant and formal appearance than double pleated curtains, this is why they are often the preferred choice for curtain panels in a formal setting. One of the most distinctive feature of this type of curtains is the way they drape – they produce wide folds when they are closed and neat rows of tight folds when the curtains are opened.

french pleat curtains

Sheer Curtains

This type of curtains are see-through, the purpose is to allow some light to enter through them but at the same time also maintaining a degree of privacy. The curtains are made of lightweight, semi-transparent fabrics, this is why they are very light and airy. Sheer curtains are often used in combination with heavier curtains, which can be closed at night and opened during the day.

sheer curtains

tab top curtains

Tab Top Curtains

This type of curtains are known by the tabs (button curtains, tab top drapes, droopy tab curtains, tie-tab curtains) positioned on their upper edge of the curtain. Tab top drapes and tab top curtains have loops located at the top of their panel, where the rod is passed through these loops. Since the rod is exposed through these tabs, this type of curtains look best when used with a decorator rod. Tab tops are a casual curtain but also versatile.

grommet top curtains

Grommet Top Curtains

These curtains are similar to the tab top curtains, but there are metal grommets (also called eyelets) that are fixed onto the curtain’s head at regular intervals. The curtains can be threaded through a pole, rod or the more contemporary look, tension wire. Grommet top curtains are often used with tension rods as shower curtains.

casement curtains

Panel Curtains

Panel curtains are also called pole top, rod pocket or casement curtains. These curtains are straight curtains with one or two pockets at the top, the pole of the curtain slides through one of these pockets. This type of curtains work well on windows that are not opened often.

cafe curtainsCafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are also called kitchen curtains or tier curtains. Cafe curtains cover only half of your window. These curtains are commonly used in kitchens where you want to add a little privacy at the window without blocking all of the light. This type of curtains are placed on the inside of our window frames through the midsection of a window, you can also add a valance to the top. They can also be tie top, grommet top or tab top.

Colors of curtain also play a crucial role in energising a particular room of our house. When choosing colors and fabrics for your window treatments, you should remember the effect colors can give in the perspective of a room. Is your room large or small? Are the ceilings low or high? Are you using plain, floral or patterned fabrics? You might want to use some tips and guides from feng shui colors for this.

Dark colors may make your room look smaller or your ceiling appear lower, whereas certain bright and light colors can make your room seem larger and the ceiling higher.