Different Types of Yoga: Hatha vs Bikram vs Ashtanga

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There are many different types of yoga. For the person that wants to start adding a yoga routine to his or her workout plan, one of the most difficult decisions is which type of yoga to try. All types of yoga provide health benefits such as added strength, increased flexibility, and improved balance, but there are differences in the styles or classes that are available to you, and picking the right one to suit your style is important if you want to stay motivated.

Hatha Yoga

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Hatha yoga is perhaps the most common style of yoga and it i where we get so many of the common yoga poses that are seen in books, movies, or even video games. Hatha yoga is a slow-paced and deliberate form of yoga that focuses on control and breathing. Excellent for balance and flexibility, Hatha yoga is perfect for a beginner and a seasoned yoga participant alike. Since it is low impact it is also a good choice for a person recovering from an injury in order to get moving again. Though it takes time to perfect, Hatha is easy to learn and easy to repeat at home without an instructor once you do learn.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga takes it up a notch. This form of yoga not only takes the action up but the heat – literally. Bikram yoga is done in a hot room that is heated to a temperature of 95 degrees or more in order to make you sweat. The routing follows a series of movements that tend to be the same very time. This makes it a popular out of town workout since a visit to a gym will allow you to find this routine that you are familiar with. When performing a Bikram yoga routine the sweat that your body creates is meant to remove the toxins from the body, cleaning the body as you workout. Many people report feeling very good after a Bikram routine.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a very physically demanding form of yoga that is sometimes referred to as power yoga. This form of yoga is great for building muscle and it will strengthen the core muscles as well as the upper body. It will be plenty difficult for beginners, but if you are up to the challenge this is among the best yoga workouts to replace a weight lifting routine without giving your muscles a rest. Many athletes like Ashtanga yoga for its fast pace and the physical workout that it provides.

Any form of yoga is a healthy addition to your workout routine. Whether you prefer Hatha, Bikram, or Ashtanga these different types of yoga will all be good for your body and your soul.

Different Types of Yoga: Hatha vs Bikram vs Ashtanga, Seekyt

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Different Types of Yoga: Hatha vs Bikram vs Ashtanga, Seekyt
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