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Different Usability Factors To Enhance The Visibility Of A Website

When a website is designed the designers need to focus on usability. The greater is the usability factor the more would the users like and use it. In the present time the web designers face new challenges. So they need to develop worthy websites only to survive in the tough competitive race.

The designers should focus on the exact demands of clients. This paves the way for effective customized web designing. It should be your prime highlight. The start-ups may find it tough to focus on usability factor due to the involved cost. But, you can certainly achieve it if you emphasize on some crucial points with a proper planning.

There are some important usability factors that can enhance the usability and visibility of a website. These include –

1. Initial website usability testing

It is always advisable to do the early website usability testing during the development method. The early testing helps because if any changes are required in regard to design, optimization and technology then these can be applied with much ease. But if you leave everything for the later stage then it would poorly impact the performance of website over the web.

2. Analyze website traffic

When you keep track of people visiting your website then you come to know the good things and bad things about it. This will help you to device a web page which people like to explore. You will also know which particular pages people prefer to stay at long. As a result you will be able to device a superior strategy to accomplish excellent results.

3. Make web pages easy to scan

People do not want to read the entire content of a website. They do not like to read each and every detail. Instead they prefer to scan a website. So you should highlight the significant lines and bold the sub headings. Apply a proper blend of colors to make it as intriguing as possible.

4. Tagline

A tagline describes your business motto in a distinctive way. It helps to create a positive impression on people coming to your website. The tagline should be in regard to your business. This is necessary to make audience know about your business field and what it is all about. As a result, the target audience would get attracted to visit your website.

5. Navigation route for product categories

This step is particularly important for e-commerce websites and those websites which offer variety of products. These websites should focus on excellent navigation system in the design layout. The visitors should be able to browse the products as easily as possible with name, price, date, value and other product details. If you ignore this step then the visitors would be inclined to leave your website and visit any other one.

6. Typography

The web designers should have an idea about the application of typography for a web page. The proper use of typography enhances the usability of a website with lots of ease. So, there is no way by which you can ignore it.

Author Bio: Shaly Criston is a content writer and is passionate to write on web designing topics. He followed a systematic style in this article on usability factors for a website. You can go for PSD to XHTML conversion and see how perfectly it impacts your website.

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