Different Ways in Cleaning Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers are very useful when it comes to organizing your food into a more desirable manner. These are portable and are not prone to breakage. However, if these containers are not cleaned properly from time to time, stains, odors, molds, etc. will be around. So, in order to make sure that these containers are always presentable and clean, different ways of cleaning should be applied.

Regular Washing

It is a normal routine for food storage containers to be cleaned properly. However, this should be done regularly. So, stains from food will be easily wiped out before will become worse. Thus, the containers will stay clean and fresh.

Removing the Unwanted Smells

Sometimes, it is a normal thing that unwanted smells may stay in food storage containers. This is due to the smells coming from leftovers which are stored during the holidays. But this odor will be removed by brushing the containers with a mixture of baking soda or lemon. After that, washing in a hot water can finally make the containers odor free.

Bleaching Under the Sun or with Bleaching Agents

Occasionally, some stains are not washable. Thus in order to lighten the areas affected by stains, bleaching can be done. Leaving the container out of the sun can bleach the containers naturally. But if this will not work, using a bleach solution is the next option. But one needs to be careful when using bleaching solution because it is also harmful to skin.

Preventing Stains and Odors

Prevention is always the best option to keep food storage containers clean and presentable. Thus, before storing a food that can leave some stains and odors, one can spray the inner surface of the containers with a cooking spray. This way, stains and odors will not stay. Another effective is to really way is to avoid storing foods that can obviously  stain the containers.

Removing the Molds

It is unexpected that molds may appear in storage containers because of moisture. Molds are dangerous to health, thus once detected, it should be removed right away. And this can be done by placing the container in a bleach solution. But before doing so, the container should be washed by a dish soup which does not contain ammonia so toxic fumes will not be created. 

Storing them in Clean Cupboards

Storage containers can get dirty if not properly arranged and organized in one place. So, first and foremost, there must be a regular checking to make sure that the area is safe and clean for food containers. After that, proper arrangement should be applied so that the containers will be properly placed.

Keeping the food storage containers clean and safe can make them more functional and effective. Thus, one should keep them clean for always.