Digital Marketing: The Game Changer

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Digital Marketing has truly become one of the game changers in the field of marketing. It has taken over and has completely changed the way people perceive marketing in today’s times. In the coming years it is sure that this arena of marketing is going to make its foothold even stronger.

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Here are a few stats about various digital marketing services which reiterate the fact that it is a true game changer.

Search Engine Optimization:

Digital Marketing: The Game Changer, Seekyt

  • There is a huge impact has on the B2B purchase cycle that SEO has. Almost 81% of the purchasing begins with the first step of web search. And if companies are not present there, it is a huge loss.
  • Content creation is extremely important in SEO. In fact, 53%, that is more than half of the digital marketers feel that content is the most important tool that they have in terms of SEO and it has a huge impact on the SEO rankings.
  • Guessing why ranking on top on Google searches is important, here’s your answer. In the organic search results, 33% of the clicks are on those which are on the top rankings.

E mail Marketing:

Digital Marketing: The Game Changer, Seekyt

  • Email marketing is an extremely important tool as it influences and motivates buying decisions of consumers. As per a recent research, almost 66% of the consumers have purchased online reading an e mail marketing message.
  • Mastering the art of email marketing is very important. Something as small as subject lines are also extremely critical in the entire email campaign. More than 60% people open an email reading the subject line.
  • Sharing buttons in an e-mailer are extremely important. They increase the CTR by almost 158%. Not just this, the reach of the mailer is also increased to a huge extent.

Content Marketing:

Digital Marketing: The Game Changer, Seekyt

  • The importance and value of content marketing can be realized from the fact that almost $118 billion was spent on it in 2014.
  • Content and articles are always more trustworthy than ads. Almost 70% consumers have said that they would like to know about companies and trust such companies more about whom they come to know through articles rather than ads.
  • Word of mouth is an extremely important tool in today’s marketing world. Actually it has always been very important. This is reiterated from the fact that customer testimonials have a huge impact on customers.

The above stats are from a recent research that was conducted and it totally upholds the importance of digital marketing in today’s domain. Advertising agencies in India have also realized its importance and that is why they have moved to the digital world making sure that they offer unique services in digital marketing. Over the years digital agencies have cropped up helping brands take over the digital spectrum and make sure that they help them make a mark in the minds of the customers.

So if you are looking to advertise for your business, do not forget to advertise on the digital platforms.

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Digital Marketing: The Game Changer, Seekyt
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